iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat does not connect to AmpliFi HD

  • Problem: I have the AmpliFi HD (with two mesh points) connected to my Xfinity router (a Gateway), which is in bridge mode. My Lennox iComfort S30 Smart Thermostat does not connect to my AmpliFi network. My thermostat will "see" my network; I will attempt to connect to it with my password, but my thermostat will not connect. Also, my thermostat will sometimes see multiple instances of my network, which I don't understand why.

    Note: Interestingly, my iComfort S30 connects to my old Airport Extreme just fine.

    Question: Do one of you fine people know of any potential solutions that involve tweaking the parameters of my AmpliFi network, or those of my thermostat?

    Additional Question: If there is no solution to my question above, would the following work? I connect my old Airport Extreme to my router, while the router remains in bridge mode, and set up a separate Extreme network just for my thermostat. I would then have two networks (the AmpliFi and the Extreme) running from my router, the first of which I use for my regular needs, and the second of which I use only for my thermostat.

    Of course, any suggestions that simplify things are welcome. Thank you.

  • @ashton-sperry I was unable to find any documentation on Lennox's website for network requirements, but a lot of newer smart home devices will require a 2.4Ghz network but struggle to connect to a dual band network which includes both 2.4 and 5GHz. I would start with creating an additional SSID with AmpliFi that is 2.4Ghz only. Here is an article that explains this process: Configure SSIDs.

    Another thing to consider, is some devices need to have their network settings reset to default when switching networks (Especially if your new AmpliFi network is the same name and password as your old network). Again, I could not find any details on Lennox's website for how to do this, just for how to perform a full factory reset on the device.

  • Thank you, @UI-Brett, for your suggestion. I'll give it a try. I have a quick question. Will the additional SSID with AmpliFi that is 2.4Ghz slow my network speeds down?

  • @ashton-sperry No it will not slow down your overall performance. Devices that connect to a 2.4GHz only network will be limited to the performance of 2.4, which is lower than a 5GHz network, but a smart thermostat will not be impacted by the performance limitations.

  • You've been a big help, @UI-Brett!