What ethernet cables should I use?

  • I am installing new ethernet cables to support a new WIFI set-up. I have cable internet service at 100 mps through a Netgear CM600 cable modem. I will be using 2 of the Amplifi HD routers, in a MESH set-up, with an ethernet backhaul. I'm fine with overpaying a bit to get better ethernet cables, so that I can upgrade the speed later on. What ethernet cables (6, 6a, 7, etc) specifically (what brand, if you have a preference) should I install on:

    1. Modem to first Amplifi HD router (located in utility room with the main electrical panel)
    2. First Amplifi HD router to second Amplifi HD router (RAMP)
    3. First Amplifi HD router to Samsung Smart TV (for streaming)

    I assume all of these should be straight cables and not crossover cables. I am thinking that shielded cables are not necessary.

    I like the flat cables, but I understand those don't make 90 degree turns very easy.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I just re-wired my UniFi system with Cat 6 cables purchased from Amazon. Monoprice and tripplite mostly. All worked very well. Most modern network switches are auto sensing so I wouldn’t think you need to worry about crossover cables. Actually had a Cat 5 cable which was mounted thru walls and was getting Gbe speeds. Any cable rated Cat 5e or better will guarantee Gbe...Hope that helps.

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