New AmpliFi HD System Whose Mesh Points Have no Ball Joints - What Model Is This?

  • A few days ago I bought (at Best Buy) a new AmpliFi HD system consisting of the router and two mesh points, all white in color.


    I have it set up and working well, but I have since wondered why the mesh points have no ball joints. Instead, they are straight, white vertical devices that plug into the wall outlet but cannot rotate or swivel in any way. All the images I have seen of mesh points for this system show ball joints, and discussions and videos going back two years or more talk about ball joints. The model number on the box is AFi-HD-US. I haven't been able to find many references to this model, or any discussion of how it may differ from the model with the ball joints. Can anyone advise me about this model? Should I return it and find the model whose mesh points have ball joints?

  • ...plug into the wall outlet but cannot rotate or swivel in any way.

    Hi @alex-white - AmpliFi introduced these new MeshPoints when they launched the Gamer's Edition router, and they have now also replaced the older ball joint version in the regular HD kits

    You can find @UI-Brett's comments on them in Newer Mesh Antenna With HD

    They should be able to swivel 270 degrees...
    alt text

  • @derek-saville Okay, thanks very much!

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