• I got a big house, concrete villa and bought my first Amplifi HD kit I love it , but the second floor was super slow or unable to be connected , so I decided to get my second kit ( so 1 router and 2 access point in each floor )
    and I keep getting UNSUPPORTED DEVICE CONFIGURATION Im able to connect my second mesh kit but not one mesh. which defeat the whole point. please advise

  • Hi @eisa-altamimi - kits cannot be meshed with kits

    You would need to return the second kit and purchase standalone units (other than Alien) in order to expand your HD mesh

  • alright going tomorrow morning to exchange it.
    but why i cant add Alien? its my top choice now

  • @eisa-altamimi With the Alien being a WiFi-6 solution and the AmpliFi HD using WiFi-5, the two pieces of tech are not compatible so you will run into the same type of situation as trying to merge two kits.

    If you do consider the AmpliFi Alien, you can look at the starting with the Alien Kit and adding additional routers if needed. AmpliFi Store

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