Amplifi HD or Alien

  • Good Evening everyone, I'm new to this forum and product. I'm stuck between if this system is worth getting. Right now my nighthawk just died and using router I get from FiOS.

    Just looking for a simple response.

    Is the Amplifi HD or Alien worth getting? Right now I don't have any devices supporting the WiFi 6.

    Thanks for assistance.

  • No simple answer. If coverage from Nighthawk was sufficient, then a single HD might be all you need. You'll need to read the feature list and decide if an Amplifi has what you need. You can expand a single HD into a mesh (do not buy any of Amplifi's mesh kits, read the forums for why) if you need more coverage.

  • @matthew-leeds thanks for the input. I needed a bit more coverage on one end of my house. But I got by because their wasn't anything out there calling my name. I'm looking into a mesh system to cover the corner of my house with coverage. I saw the alien says it has double the coverage as the HD.

  • I had a Nighthawk and bought an Alien. Very happy with it, and with its range, compared to the Nighthawk. I wouldn't buy two initially. I'd see how coverage is with just one before adding a second. You might find that one does well for you.

  • @aneudys-games You might consider doing a cost analysis. An Amplifi Instant is $99, if you need more add a mesh point or a second router. An Amplifi HD is $149, and so on. It's easy to overbuy, but by first writing down what your read requirements are then finding the hardware that meets those requirements, you can better align requirements to hardware. Consider your uptime requirements, and perhaps invest in spare power supplies for what you do purchase. Reading the threads here on the spotty availability of power supplies may enlighten you.

  • Thanks for the input guys. I'll probably start testing few mesh system and find out which is the best for me.

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