Apple Devices constantly jumping between 2.4/5GHz

  • Since upgrading my AmpliFi firmware to 2.4.3 my iPad Pro 10.5, iPhone X, and Macbook Pro keeping losing connectivity randomly to the WiFi. A few seconds later they will reconnect. No other devices have this problem it is exclusive to Apple. When checking on the AmpliFi App I can see them jumping between 2.4 and 5GHz. I'm right next to the router so 5GHz signal strength is a non-issue. It's quite random sometimes it can happen every few minutes, other times it can last for a good 20-30 minutes before dropping and reconnecting.

    Switching off band steering, router steering, setting static IP's, makes no difference it still occurs. It's possible that it's related to iOS 11 but doesn't explain the Macbook also having the same issue.

    Also I would like to know on AmpliFi is the DTIM set to 3 or is it set to 1 which is the default value on UniFi AP's. For Apple devices it is optimal to be set to 3.

  • @UBNT-AlexCaldas @UBNT-Gunars I was told by support the DTIM is set to 2. Strange because Unifi is set to 1. As you said if you want to optimize for Apple they suggest DTIM 3. I have a customer with one router and 8 mesh points and they are experiecing issues with IPad mini and Macbook Air. They reported the same symptoms as @Peter-Farrar I tried all possible workarounds. The last one I am trying is to separate the SSIDs

  • @german-martinez Let me know how it works with separate SSID. I'll check the reasoning behind DTIM being 2.

  • @UBNT-Gunars the only issue there is that client will lose the ability to connect to mesh points as each individual device (router & mesh point) separates 2.4 and 5GHz

  • I’ve now experienced the same issue on UniFi AP’s I manage at work. I think the problem is related to iOS 11. There are threads on the UniFi forums about it.

  • @Peter-Farrar did you try the latest RC software ?

  • @german-martinez

    Yes it’s much better now.

  • Hi,
    i got the same problems using an Amplifi Router and one Mesh Point. Every 5-20 minutes my wifes iphone and mine are switching between the frequencies.

    This results in about 5 to 10 seconds without wifi connection. This is pretty annoying, because in germany we got mobile contracts with a specific data volume, which will be used in this cases, even if we are at home.

    So what does RC software mean?

    At the moment I enabled separate SSIDs and connected to the 2,4 GHz Router SSID for those devices, which results in a slow connectivity but therefore no band switching. Additionally I now have to manually connect to the Mesh Point network, if necessary. Is there also a possibility to get two separate SSIDs for ALL (Router and Mesh-Point) 2,4 GHz and ALL 5 GHz devices?

    So how do I proceed with my situation?


  • @holger-arends I understand that the next firmware update will fix these problems.

  • It’s pretty much fixed in the beta firmware 2.5 RC4.

  • No it isn’t - I’m using 2.5 rc 4 and having issues with newest iOS (two iPhone 6) and the WiFi jumping on and off. What is the excact settings/step-by-step you have done on the access-points (meshes)?!?

  • @kurt-bilde

    I'm running mostly default settings, band steering on etc.

    I have just one mesh point and the router. Occasionally I get drops on my ipad Pro 10.5 and iPhone X but it's nowhere near as common as before. Also sometimes I find my iPhone X is connected to 4G without a WiFI connection when it's been left on standby for a longtime.

  • Thanks for the quick reply!!!
    This is exactly the same we are expiring 😕 guess they haven’t yet set the DTIM to 3 in the 2.5 rc4
    So the conclusion is that iOS devices isn’t stable on Amplifi yet!

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