Is there a max number of mesh AP’s

  • I currently have 5 AmpliFi HD mesh access points running off one AmpliFi HD router and I was wondering at what number is too many APs. It seems as after I installed the 5th AP the processor on the router seems to be taxed a bit but since the data we are able to see is so limited I’m having trouble confirming it’s the number of access points that’s causing this sluggishness. Is there a max number of access points? If so what is the number? Also even if there is a max number is there a number after which performance degrades?

    If the number ap is the problem would changing one of them out to a router and running it as a wireless AP be a possible fix? But if I’m not running it with wired backhaul I would think I would still be taxing the main router in the exact same way.

    Any other input would be appreciated. And before it’s asked, yes I need the 5 access points. Plaster walls with metal lathe and each room is like a faraday cage and it’s a larger house so this is the only way I’ve been able to get usable wifi in certain areas.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

  • @Richard-Sterling-0 This thread references this as well:

    The number of AP's should not be a problem, however if they are to close and overlapping signals, that can cause performance issues.

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