Can an Amplifi Mesh Point be used with another branded Mesh Master device?

  • Hello,
    I have a fritzbox 7490
    This can be set up as a "mesh Master" apparently, so i thought I would try and build a mesh network.
    Can I use a "Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Mesh Point - Wi-Fi Extender" / "AFI-P-HD-AU" to create the mesh network?

    Cheers Guys

  • @S-M AmpliFi Meshpoints (AFI-R, AFI-P-HD and AFI-INS) all have 3rd party mode, which allow them to extend any 3rd party network. The way in which they are managed on the network will be through the AmpliFi app, not through the Fritzbox.

    How the Fritzbox 7490 actually manages the network, I do not know exactly, I wish I could be more help on that topic. But know that as long as it manages a network and broadcasts wirelessly you can put AmpliFi into 3rd party mode. Or if it has a LAN port, you could hardwire an AmpliFi router and place it into bridge mode.

  • @UI-Brett ,
    Thanks for that.
    So i could use 2 x NHU-AFI-P-HD devices mounted on each corner of my house (outside under an awning) and these should more than cover the area i need i reckon.
    Put them into 3rd Party mode, connect back to my Fritzbox and I should be able to cover 900 square meters?

  • @S-M That is a possibility. It is impossible for me to say whether it will connect or not in your situation because I do not know what type of interference they may face, physical and electrical, but in theory yes.

    Please make sure wherever you decide to place the MeshPoints, you follow this guide since they are not rated for outdoor use: Outdoors

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