How many Mbps can i get with 30 starting Mbps

  • Hi, my name is Derek and i have 30 Mbps and that is all I can get in my area I am looking for a device that can amplify that hopefully to around 200ish (if that's even possible) I don't know if this device is able to do that or what the amplification on this device is. please, someone, help and let me know if this device can do it or if there is another one out there that can thank you, Derek.

  • Line speed from your internet provider and the line speed within your network are different. You can buy hardware for your network over 1GB +. The line speed from your internet provider is only going to be whatever they provide and you pay for. There isn't a device to my knowledge that would allow you to boost for example your line speed above what you are paying for. Even with a certain line speed there is overhead associated with the network from multiple devices sharing bandwidth, low quality hardware, low quality cabling, bad device configuration, O/S software limitations, device limitations. Even provider speeds depend on if it's a shared line. Cable and DSL are shared lines with other users. Unless you have a dedicated line such as a T-1 or guaranteed pipe from your provider the best you can get will range from 75-90 percent. Wireless connections are about the same limitations with different standards in the hardware allowing better speeds. Down and dirty explanation.

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