LED Brightness

  • At first I was thinking that just me was having a less brightness led on my router, but I asked to a friend with the same router and he noticed that had it too..

    This is how looked when the router was new:


    And this is how looks now...


    Obviously, is set to full brightness..


    Anyone know what could be???

  • I have the same issue for all three of my Amplifi HD. Max led brightness is very weak compared to as new. I know led get lower light output after it ages but so much after only 2-3 years is extreme. Im also using night mode so the led is off 10 hours every day.

  • No others have the same problem? Seems strange all three on my Amplifi HD have the same issue and one is 3 year old but the others are 1-2 years.

  • @Dennis-Horn Haven't noticed such behaviour on my devices. I own 2 HD's, from which 1 is a Mesh kit. Both devices are aprox. 2 years old.

  • Max Led brightness on mine 😞

  • Hello, just wanted to post an update here, I think this article talks a lot about the fade we are seeing.

  • This sounds like a design error to me

  • Mine is doing the same thing! I’ve had mine for nearly 2.5 yrs and the bottom LED brightness has significantly diminished. In fact, I have 2 AMPLIFI HD routers that are exhibiting the exact same behavior (dim lights regardless of brightness setting). I think this is a bug in the software (or a previous firmware).

    If this was “by design” as was implied by @UI-JT then why isn’t this included as a known issue anywhere on these forums? This post appears to be the ONLY reference to this observed/degraded behavior. If others are seeing this white LED fading issue please confirm by posting here!

  • @Bryan-Long in my case now is practically off...


  • @Bryan-Long This is not a bug in the software this issue can occur to any LED over its lifetime, this seems to not occur to all users at the same time. Likely this is due to different usages and environments, but it is well documented that over time LED lights can dim due to degradation.

  • @UI-AmpliFi you are missing a fact, the heat speed up the degradation, because of that i think there is a design error because i have other devices with led and they no show any degradation like this...

  • I want be clear in something... this issue make me to trash all my amplifi routers because there is a lot alternative on the market for less and the only thing that make amplifi different is how they look on my desk...

  • @UI-AmpliFi Yes, I understand that LED lights can (and will) suffer some degree of degradation over time; however, I would also point out that I currently own 8 Philips Hue LED Bulbs that are providing reliable lighting with little to NO light degradation at this very moment. These LED bulbs are nearly 8 years old and have been used far more often and for more total time than my AmpliFi hd router LED halo lighting. In fact, it is because of these ceiling LED bulbs (from Philips/Signify) that I am even able to see my AmpliFi Router due to the severe degree of LED degradation that it has suffered.

    Might I humbly suggest that any future versions of your AmpliFi router lineup license the appropriate Signify lighting solutions!

  • Just noticed that the LED does not work, which brought me here. I checked with the lights off and it is barely lit. Well, as disappointing as it is, let’s hope nothing else degrades this quickly inside the router.

  • I just noticed this too the other day. I wonder if it was a software update that reduced the intensity. It doesn’t seem that other things are messed up, but disappointing to see it degrade.

  • I have this exact same issue, which is really disappointing, and it started showing this problem not long after any warranty I had expired. Support from these guys has always been a bit of joke so I wouldn’t have held out any hope.

    I actually took the bottom end off to have a look at the SMD’s and all of them are still functional just not illuminating completely which leads me to believe that they may no longer be receiving the correct voltage.. the only evidence I can back this theory up with is that when I unplug and plug the device to power I get a split second of full illumination (as it was when new) before it dims again. Perhaps something like a resistor is at fault? (Not technically minded enough to say)

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