Just Installed - Amplifi HD First impressions

  • Hi
    Wanted to share my results having just installed an Amplifi HD.

    I joined this group and expressed reasons for looking at a new home wifi solution, flaky intermittent momentary wifi dropouts using the Superhub3 router, constantly losing complete connection to devices even with strong signal and general speed/coverage around the house.

    The house is on three floors including loft rooms, brick construction and steel work on all 3 floors. I am with Virgin and pay for a 200mb download speed.

    The results I ran today on the virgin router before switching it to modem only were particularly good; I've done speed tests many times over the years and quite often have very little signal in places like the garden, Victorias bedroom, the tv room and most recently my office was quite poor since adding a number of smart devices.

    I was about to pull the trigger on the Amplifi HD plus 2 mesh point package when Bret advised to start with a single Amplifi HD unit and add a second hard wired Amplifi HD, only if required.

    It's too early to comment on dropouts and loss of connectivity, but early signs going by covergae and speed tests look very promising:


    Set up was as easy as it is advertised, and the unit is very smart looking and not something you particularly want to hide away like most routers.

    I just wanted to share this firstly to say a massive thanks for the steer, I've possibly saved £200 at the moment, but also to anyone else out there who like me are not sure about Purchasing the Amplifi HD.


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