Setup for inside and outdoor coverage?

  • Hi!

    First excuse me as English is not my mother tounge.

    I’m thinking about buying an Amplifi HS system with 2 mesh points. But I have a question.
    I live in a wooden house roughly 1800 sq ft divided on two floors and I can place the router in the middle of the top floor and one mesh point at the ends of the bottom floor. In my backyard, where one of the mesh point will be adjecent to, is roughly 5000 sq ft. Will this setup be sufficient to also have coverage in the backyard? I live in Sweden where in can rain a lot and also have freezing temperatures colder than -20 Fahrenheit so I don’t dare to put a mesh point outside.

    Any clues or tips?

    Best Regards,

  • One of my mesh points is at the far end of my house and it goes quite a long distance outside. I measured it on Google maps and it's still working 100ft away. I think you would be ok.

  • Thank you for your response! I just got the hardware and will set it up tomorrow, hopefully it will be sufficient 🙌🏽

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