Amplifi Instant as travel router?

  • If I want to use a Amplifi Instant as a travel router while in a hotel to tunnel back through my Amplifi HD at home is that possible? And if it is, what kind of throughput can i expect? I recently tried this w/ a Teleport (device) and while directly through the hotel wireless i was seeing 20 Mbps up/down once i connected to the Teleport I was only getting 2-3 Mbps. It worked fine to connect and access resources but was incredibly slow for some tasks.

  • @David-Jennings Teleport router to router using an AmpliFi Instant is a solution, however you will need a hardwired connection in your hotel room because the AmpliFi Instant cannot be connected to a wireless network. Performance will be limited by both the upload and download speeds at your home location and remote locations.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for this. Definitely better I asked as I was just about to order an Instant but if it needs to be hard wired on the WAN side it won't work for what I wanted to use it for.

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