Multiple segregated SSIDs (not just guest) for devices

  • It would be nice if we could create multiple segregated (if so chosen) SSIDs. Maybe something like this -

    HomeMain - Parents phones, PCs, TiVo.
    HomeKids - SSID for the kids tablets, phones, XBOX etc..
    HomeIoT - SSID for your thermostat, Smart TV, light bulbs, etc.
    HomeGuest - SSID for friends, enable and disable as I am currently able to in the app.

    1. No SSID inter-access unless granted by the admin, for instance, HomeMain can access a PC on HomeKids for remote desktop, but HomeKids cannot do the same.

    2. Set DHCP range per SSID, specifically DNS servers so a restive openDNS for HomeKids but pi-hole for HomeMain and HomeGuest, Google DNS for HomeIoT.....

    3. You can tag each SSID.

    4. Allow assigning SSID to (ethernet connected only) mesh-device, ie - HomeKids isn't broadcasting from the device in the parents bedroom.

  • Agreed, this would be super helpful especially with insecure IoT devices and kids. I think a key is that they are on separate VLANs so that the different networks can't 'talk' to eachother.

  • Even better if this could be done where in "Bridge Mode" it would dump each SSID into a separate VLAN (for those of us with a separate Firewall/Router).

  • I just stumbled across this thread because I am looking to setup (mesh) wifi at my new home in a way that is described here:

    • ssid/lan for main users
    • ssid/lan for kids
    • ssid/lan for iot/"smart" stuff
    • ssid for guest internet access

    Is this (now) something that is possible with Amplifi?

  • @arno-jansen You can have a main network (2.4GHz & 5 GHz), guest network (2.4 GHz & 5Ghz), and a separate network that broadcasts a 2.4GHz and a 5GHz channel, but that is the limit for the amount of networks that AmpliFi can broadcast.

  • @ubnt-brett Thanks for the reply! And does it allow rules to regulate access from one ssid (vlan?) to another? For example: no route from an IOT ssid to the main ssid, but from the main to IOT is ok (or maybe just specific devices/mac addresses)?

  • @ubnt-brett I think the guest network doesn’t allow devices on the guest network to talk to each other. It’d be great if the guest network could host a printer or other devices guests might look to connect to locally.

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