AmpliFi Wifi alongside Unifi Wifi

  • I have a Unifi home network with several nanoHDs. However, I don’t have any parental controls with this setup. If I purchase an Amplifi Alien (or any other Amplifi mesh option) can I set this up alongside my existing Unifi setup and put my kids on this network (with parental controls)? If so, will the parental controls extend to any devices connected to the Amplifi LAN port? Thanks.

  • @rhenry1941 You could install an AmpliFi router in your network, connected specific devices to AmpliFi (and remove them from your other network so they can't work around your parental controls) then create profiles to pause devices during specific times.

    This feature is only available when AmpliFi is not in bridge mode however, so you will be creating a double NAT by having multiple routers on one network.

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