Need to reboot Amplifi HD every day

  • We're using an Amplifi HD at home since a couple of month. It's a replacement to an old Apple Airport. I was hoping for improvements but so far it's not really impressive. Worst, speed decrease (don't know if it's gradually or at once). Rebooting the Amplifi HD restore speed to provider speed. I'm a little bit baffled and can't see what's happening here. Sure thing is that everybody complain about the new router 😞

  • Need to add that the Amplifi HD is connected to a Netgear CBVG834G. Curiously bridge mode is not working properly on the Netgear but using DMG to the ip of the Amplify (When I use Bridge mode connections are slower than not using Bridge mode!)

    Thing is with the Apple Airport all I ever done is connecting it to the Netgear and it worked flawlessly. Considering sending back the Amplifi (overall a far better product than Orbi but still I feel it's not working like it should).

  • @Yebay That Netgear is a 10/100 device. Might be an issue with speed detection by the Amplifi. Try a different Ethernet cable between the Netgear Lan port and the Amplifi Wan port. Make sure it's a at least a Cat 5E rated cable, or better yet a Cat 6.

  • Thanks for your answer. Will try that.

  • @Yebay Who is your internet service provider? Is that netgear CBVG834G needed for any reason? If not, why not remove it and connect AmpliFi directly the modem?

    @Matthew-Leeds is correct, the LAN ports on the netgear are only 10/100 so if you have a speed greater than 100 from your ISP, AmpliFi will never see those speeds, which bottlenecks your entire network.

  • @UI-Brett I was thinking of a possible duplex issue < > more than the bottleneck issue. It's not uncommon for older network gear to fail to correctly negotiate duplex in some cases. The result is a significantly reduced performance. In managed networking gear, the solution is to manually set both the duplex and the link speed as Network Link Pulse is not handling it properly for that situation. It's a hard issue to diagnose unless both pieces of equipment can be queried as to their understanding of both link speed and duplex.

  • @Matthew-Leeds good point! we have seen older such devices create a negotiating issue with AmpliFi before which will limit the ethernet ports to 10/100. But in addition to that, if all traffic has to flow through the CBVG834G in this environment, from what I found reading specs on this unit its hardware limitation will be 100 Mbps on the WAN and LAN side.

  • @UI-Brett Hmmm, the AmpliFi should negotiate on a per-port basis. Having a single 100Mb device attached to one port on the AmpliFi should not force the remaining Ethernet ports on the AmpliFi to 100Mb. Perhaps I mis-understood your statement?

    And yes, that older Netgear device will be the limiting factor for any traffic crossing it.

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