Plex server on Amplifi HD only worked few seconds

  • Running a Plex server on a static private IP on my network. I have a port forwarding set up on the Amplifi HD, forwarding 32400 to 32400 on my Plex server, NUC8i5. Everything worked great except for Plex remote access. Checked the box for remote access and it only work for few seconds, then showed remote access not available.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions? Router is at latest firmware.

  • @Wang-Max There are a few older posts like this: That users reported having similar issues, and checking settings like UPNP and ensuring the port forwarding rule was made for UPD & TCP helped. If this does not fix the issue for you, I would suggest searching through some of the many other plex threads where users discuss their configurations, and maybe one will match your environments needs.

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