Teleport Beta

  • Hi all,

    We're opening Teleport Beta to members of this community who live in the USA. Specifically, we're looking for people who will be traveling in the next few weeks, or who want to add another place to their home network. Let us know if you're interested, or know somebody who would be a good fit.


  • I would like to participate. I travel frequently and have 3 Amplifi HD units at home.

  • Hi, I meet your criteria and would be willing to beta test.
    Please let me know how to join.

  • Hi, sorry, I live in Germany, but I am very interested getting a beta Tester. I use an AVM Fritz 6490 Cable as Main Router, an Amplifi Mesh HD set and an Second Amplifi HD Router with lan backhaul. Let my know if you want getting me as a beta tester and how to join. 🙂

  • Posted in the beta area but will here as well. I travel world wide for my job, while a lot is in the US I do travel overseas every few months. So far this year I've been to Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Japan and leaving for a Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia trip. I fly over 100k miles a year and 70-100 nights in a hotel.

  • I have a 2 HD Amplifi Routers for over 11 months. I travel a lot to Europe and around the US. I would be thrilled to be a beta tester. Thank you for the consideration.

  • I'd be glad to test. I have a Amplifi Router at home for quite a few months now.. and would love to test this. I'm an IT tech by day.. so can provide some detailed bug reports if necesary.

  • I would like to be a beta tester for this product. I currently have a Amplifi setup at home.

  • I'd love to participate. I have an AmpliFi setup at home and travel frequently for work across the US.

  • I'd like to participate, but unfortunately I don't live in the USA

  • Hello - I'd love to participate. I'm in the entertainment industry and often need to connect to my home network while traveling from NYC to Nashville/LA.

    Currently no NAT-PMP on Amplifi hinders my ability to use Back To My Mac... maybe Teleport would be able to solve my connectivity issue.

  • @patrick-wacki said in Teleport Beta:

    I'd like to participate, but unfortunately I don't live in the USA

    As the member of the earlier Teleport beta, you will receive the same software updates as all the new entrants. Hardware will stay almost the same.

  • I'm a systems engineer and travel constantly (few times per month), staying in different hotels nationwide.
    Would be more than happy to beta test Teleport.

  • I would like to be in the beta program. My business in network video recording with my systems all over the USA, I constantly view video and audio through my pc and have notice considerable buffering issues. My internet speeds were in the 980's now its dropped to under 200. Would like to help you guys with feedback. thanks.

  • If you're still looking for beta test subjects, I'm willing to take the plunge. I'll be traveling from my home to the Texas coast in the immediate future.


  • I would like to join the beta. MY wife and I are traveling to Africa in mid-December and would like to be able to try this.

  • Would like to jump into this beta program. Have amplifi routers running at San Jose, US and Taiwan. Travel often between sites.

  • Would love to join this beta program, I have 3 Amplify HD routers and 2 of theme operate with the lan backhaul. Great stuff, but i am searching some time for the ability of VPN usage to my home / small office network without setting the Amplify router to bridge mode and lose a lot of great benefits. This Teleport Beta device could do the job, just plug in this device somewhere and connect to you home/ small office network. There is one problem, I live in the Netherlands. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    love to join the program. Travel for work quit extensively national and international. Have an upcoming trip to Asia and Europe in mid December.

  • I would like to participate in the Teleport beta testing. I have a HD mesh setup at my home and travel constantly as a project manager for an audio & video design/build firm out of Atlanta. I have been a beta tester with the UniFi products the past two years and would love to be apart of any testing for the AmpliFi family of products as well.


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