Teleport Beta

  • If you need beta testers in germany feel free to contact me.
    I've access to some cable- and dsl-connections with native IPv4, native IPv6 and dual-stack lite.
    Additionally i have access to public wlan hotspots with pre-authentication sites or mac/psk auth types.

  • I'd love to test it out for y'all! I am an IT tech by day and I love to travel!

  • I would love to participate. I currently use Unifi/Edge devices in my home network. Travel a lot for work. Mostly East Coast/South

  • I have an office downtown and would love to test the teleport. It's only about a 20 minutes drive from my house, but accessing resources at home would be useful. And if there are issues I can run home and address them if needed.

  • I'd be happy to test. I work in software and travel frequently to Canada and domestic destinations from the US. I've also backed the Teleport on Kickstarter.

  • Hi all,

    We're closing signups for the Teleport beta program. Subject to unit availability, some of you may still be invited, but we're rapidly approaching shipping date for the production version.


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