Some WiFi client speeds near zero until reboot

  • @scojosmac @hunterp @chrislrose As painful as upgrading may be, if any of you are willing to update to 3.3.0 to create support files (If you have not already) Then email them to me, or DM me your support ticket number so I can follow up on this issue. Then, after support files have been created I suggest rolling back once again to give you a stable network in the meantime.

  • @UI-Brett Hi - I've just DM'd you my ticket number that should have a copy of the logs with it from when I was running 3.3.0

  • @UI-Brett hey Brett, I just sent you a private chat / DM with my ticket number. That ticket has my logs

    I'm already on 3.3.0

  • @scojosmac I generated logs not sure where I should send them

  • @chrislrose If you generated them in the app, a support rep will be reaching out to you via email because the app automatically sends them to us. If you have them on a computer, you can email them directly to me. My email is in my profile.

  • I am having similar issues but when my WiFi goes down I also cannot get into my AmpliFi HD router via the app. It keeps trying over and over every once in a while it will connect then say "Connection timed out". I am trying to grab the logs so I can create a case here as well. Oddly any wired connections work with zero issue. I have only noticed an issue in the past 3-4 days as well.

  • @mrcjc The support tech advised me to connect a wired device if possible and use the web UI to generate the debug logs if this happens. I didn't have to since the next time it bit me, I was able to get in with the app.

  • @Chris-Bredesen My PC is connected but since it is in bridge mode I am not sure I can utilize web ui? I do not believe it has an IP. I managed to get in via my phones app but this damn thing only seems to be getting worse by the hour... Trying to see how I can down grade the firmware since I am seeing some mentioning that on here as well. Thank you for the suggestion

  • Hi @mrcjc - you should be able to cycle through the LCD display screens and one shows the IP address assigned to the router in Bridge mode

    Go to that IP address in a web browser and from there on the Support tab you can generate Support Info files and rollback the firmware

  • Having the same issues with my HD Gamers Edition. All started with firmware update 3.3.0, rolled back to 3.1.2 since but issues still persist for me.

  • @Tony-Penev Can you send me a support file?

  • @UI-JT sure, just sent it over. But I don’t know what you’ll find out about 3.3.0. I had to rollback to 3.1.2 because my network was so unstable on 3.3.0 that I couldn’t get you a support file if I wanted to.

    But I am still having wireless throughput issues on meshpoint connected devices that I previously didn’t have and no meshpoint or router has been physically moved since.

  • I just sent in another support tarball. Been having a restart a day, give or take. We were watching an HD movie streaming perfectly when 2 of the other devices (both connected to meshpoints) were essentially unusable. As with other cases, a reboot fixed it.

    This is getting very frustrating.

  • Same issue here with WiFi grinding to a halt and constant reboots to fix! Turned off band steering and logged in to the web interface to enable 802.11k; 802.11v; and A-MSDU; as suggested in another troubleshooting thread here on this forum.

    So far tonight so good. Speeds are hovering around 300mbps up/down on my gig connection. We’ll see what happens over time. Too bad all my pleas for assistance with Ubiquiti’s support were worthless and I had to find out options to try to solve it here on a community forum!

  • I am subscribing to this thread as I am having the same issues. I even did a factory reset before finding this thread and that didn't work. Sounds like there is an issue with the latest firmware update.

  • @T-Gray Well, my problem went away and now it is back. When I run the Speed Test on the app I am getting great download/upload speeds, but whenever I run a test through on a wireless device I am only getting 5 to 10 up. I did install the new firmware update yesterday, but it was happening before that. I was hopeful that the new update would help.

  • @UI-Brett How do I create support files? I have upgraded to 3.4.1 and my problems have returned.

  • @T-Gray This article will walk you through the process on How to Download Support Files

  • @UI-AmpliFi I uploaded my files and have a support ticket working. The last email I received was "your files will be forward to the development team and we will get back to you". That was on July 23rd and I haven't heard anything back from the help desk.

  • I gave up and bought a Unifi Dream Machine. Other than spotty coverage in the opposite corner of the house, it is wonderful. I'm adding a wired AP to fix that. Should have done it years ago.

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