Some WiFi client speeds near zero until reboot

  • @UI-AmpliFi I am having the same issue after reboot the speed is restored, in AmpliFi app tests of the cable modem speed show as high but network connectivity delivers less than 2mbps until reboot at which point it jumps back to 150mbps.

  • @Frank-Walsh here is what I was able to find out. I sent logs to Support and finally, after going back and forth a few times, it turned out to be interference. I was asked to get right next to the router and do a speed test and give them the results. If I was close to the unit I got really good speeds. I was then asked to to turn on 2 and 5 Ghz on the router. I have found that my 2 Ghz band works the best for me. I am with you, not sure why all of sudden my speed would go down after working well for an extremely long time.

  • @T-Gray
    I started experience this issue every several days now. Probably after a new neighbour moved in and stated using more wifi devices on 5GHz band (even they are on different channels now)

    Symptoms are the same: some devices connected to a mesh point over 5 GHz band would slow down to 0-8 mbit just several meters from the mesh point but right next to it the speed will improve. Moving to the router will restore full 5GHz speed. 2.4 band also will work

    Rebooting the mesh point only would restore connectivity back for several days

    So it is probably interference on one of the 5GHz channels used by Amplifi. In the app we can select one channel manually but the router will still select another channel automatically and there is no control over it. I mentioned a new neighbour above - when I did wifi scan once I notice their router using the same 5GHz channel as Amplifi’s non-configurable channel

  • I have a very similar experience with 3.4.1 firmware, upgrade to v3.4.2 firmware fixed it for the most part. I used to have to reboot every day now it's once a week or so - but the 3.4.2 version seems to fight with Homekit devices that Siri would constantly tell me it gets no response back from Homekit devices.

    I tried 3.4.3 firmware that's currently available, it seems to fix the Homekit issue but causes everything to slow down to a crawl - 30-40Mbps range and bad jitter so I had to roll back to 3.4.2

  • That is good to know about the Homekit. I have Siri say to me "sorry, that device isn't responding", but the second request usually works for me. I will stick to 3.4.2.

  • @Timothy-Lin said in Some WiFi client speeds near zero until reboot:

    Siri would constantly tell me it gets no response back from Homekit devices.

    This is likely iOS 14.2 causing it. Lots of complains on Reddit since the iOS update was released

    Some of my HomeKit devices would go into “no response” state almost every day since the iOS update but are responding on Mac, Apple Watch and HomePod at the same time

    I am on v3.4.3 for Amplifi HD

  • After a year of stable and almost trouble free wifi experience my network succumbed to misery with 5GHz only useable near the router

    The reason? A new neighbour next door who brought some dodgy router that is sitting right next to my wall and has a habit of jumping to the same 5GHz channels I happen to use. It’s also looks like it generates interference on other channels

    Even after manually choosing a channel other than the intruder is using my iPhone still wants to drop to 2.4GHz all the time

    No idea what to do now. It’s an elderly woman who probably will call the police if I ask her about wifi channels

  • I had to have my iPhone and iPad to "forget" my network so it would only attach to the 2Ghz.

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