Second Router Keeps Disconnecting

  • I have two Amplifi HDs the first one is connected to the ISP modem. The second one is connected to the first via ethernet. The ethernet connection to the second HD keeps dropping out. Most of the day the connection works, then at various times it continually connects and disconnects. This will go on till I reboot everything then be good till bed time then disconnect and reconnect every minute.

  • Also the second router can go most of the day or weeks without a problem.

  • @David-Verch
    Do you mean the ethernet ports (LAN 1-4) on the 2nd HD router keep going in and out, or the entire 2nd HD router keeps dropping?
    When this happens, what image do you see on the LCD screen of the second HD router?
    Is the second HD router configured as a mesh point with ethernet backhaul enabled? Or as a primary router with Bridge mode enabled?

  • @UI-Brett The entire second router goes out. It is set up as a mesh point with ethernet backhaul. It just went out as I am typing this and it has the image to plug in the cable and shows the back of the router. It just regained connection.

  • Now it is showing connecting with the dots animation below. It just connected for a second and is now showing the picture to plug the cable in. Now it is connected. now it is show to plug the cable in. now connected. now plug the cable in. now connecting. still connecting. still connecting. Now connected. Now plug in the cable.

  • I just unplugged the damn thing. I bought the second one so I would have the extra ethernet ports and my work computer could be connected by ethernet. I work from home and internet connection is important. My old Apple Airport Extreme setup never had this problem. I had two extremes so all of the computers are connected via ethernet rather than wifi.

  • @David-Verch If you have not already power cycled the primary router, the second HD router should still be displayed on the app just grayed out showing offline. If you could generate support files from the primary router, we could analyze them to see if we can identify what is causing the second router to disconnect.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @UI-Brett You guys asked me to generate support files a few months ago when I brought this up on Reddit. I asked how to generate those files and did not get an answer.

  • @David-Verch Thank you, I have received the file and will report back

  • Last night I had a pretty solid connection. I went to bed and my dad was watching Xfinity on the Mac Mini. Sometime around midnight the 2nd router lost connection till morning when I cycled the power. Now it is working intermittently.

  • The whole purpose of the second router was to get every computer in the house connected via ethernet and to flood the property with wifi as the cable modem is on one side of the house. The second router is on the other side of the house right before you get to the garage.

    If you look at the photo of the house, the main router is all the way on the right. The second router is in the living room near the wall that becomes the garage.0_1583848468907_IMG_2100.jpeg

  • @David-Verch Since it has been power cycled, can you create support files for me after it loses connection, but wait until the second router actually reconnects on the network. I suspect you might be facing a hardware defect, but support files while it is connected will help me confirm that.

  • @UI-Brett I will plug it back in

  • @UI-Brett Well this is crazy, I have an apple time machine connected to the 2nd amplifi with the wifi off and just acting as backup machine and ethernet switch. I plugged the time machine into the main amplifi then the second amplifi into the time machine and now it has a pretty good connection after not working for most of the day.

  • @David-Verch Lets monitor and if it drops after being connected to the time machine, gather support files when it reconnects once again. Are they using the same ethernet cables? or same LAN port on the primary router?

  • @UI-Brett I Just took the cable that was on the WAN port on 2nd router and plugged it into the WAN port on the time machine. Then took took the cable that was coming from the second router LAN to the time machine WAN and swapped that into a time machine LAN port and into the 2nd router WAN port. So the same cables are being used I just changed the order they are connected to the primary amplifi router

  • @David-Verch I believe we have identified the issues as a defective WAN port on your router as a mesh point. I have emailed you the next steps needed. Thank you for sharing in great detail on the community, this really helped solve the issue!

  • @UI-Brett Brett on the RMA I put in the MAC address for the primary router because I thought that was the one I was going to send in before you corrected me. What should I do?

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