Second Router Keeps Disconnecting

  • @David-Verch Try turning off Hardware Nat'ing on your 1st Amplifi router. I had a similar issue using a Meraki VPN router for work. Turned off Hardware Nat'ing and it works like a charm now.

    Good luck!

  • I'm having the same issue.

    I have 3 Amplifi HD routers. The 2nd and 3rd are wired backhaul. I tried bridge mode earlier today and don't like the loss of features. I cannot get the 2nd router to stay connected. Weirdly the 3rd Amplifi HD device will connect and work, but the 2nd one shows disconnected, but everything hooked up to has internet.

    This is frustrating, I've been at this for hours trying to figure it out.

  • @Arthur-F-Kouns When you have a double NAT (two routers both in DHCP mode) You can experience exactly what you are describing because of two routers trying to give addresses to your AmpliFi routers as meshpoints. One of the only ways Ive seen this function properly and without falutering at random intervals, is if the wired backhaul units are connected directly to the primary AmpliFi router (no switches involved). How are these devices configured in your home network?

  • The problem is always in the 2nd Amplifi HD.

    I have a cable/modem which is bridged to my ASUS router, wifi is turned off on the ASUS. From the ASUS is goes to the first Amplifi HD, the first Amplifi HD has a static ip. The second Amplifi HD is connected directly to the 1st in wired back haul. The 3rd is connected to the 2nd in the same fashion with no switches in between. Most all of my equipment is hooked up to switches or directly to the Amplifi HD's directly. I only have 2 phones an iPad that are wireless.

    Anytime I do a firmware upgrade the 2nd Amplifi HD always says "no connection" and after turning it off and on several times it finally works. The odd part is the 3rd still connects and all my equipment connected to the 2nd and 3rd still work.

    Yesterday I tried bridge mode and I didn't like the loss of scheduling and profiles. While it was in bridge mode I couldn't get the mesh point to work either. The first Amplifi HD I bought came with mesh points. I use only 1.

    I ended up having to reset all the equipment and I still couldn't get it to work. I ended up unplugging everything and their respective backhaul cat 6 cables. I started from scratch as if all equipment was brand new and I was setting up for the first time. I finally got it all to work again.

    You're talking about double NAT, but both the ASUS and Amplifi HD are on different subnets. I'll grant you I don't have my head around NAT that much, but I do know having two pieces of equipment on the same subnet trying to do DHCP will cause headaches to say the least. What is the work around for this? I can turn off NAT on the ASUS and even DHCP, but like I said, it's working now. I have no issues typically at all until I do a firmware update.

  • @Arthur-F-Kouns said in Second Router Keeps Disconnecting:

    wifi is turned off on the ASUS. From the ASUS is goes to the first Amplifi HD

    WiFi is turned off from your Asus, but is it in bridge mode or is AmpliFi in bridge mode? Just disabling the WiFi can sometimes not be enough and you still face a double NAT if the DHCP function is still present and active in both units.

    Is there a particular reason why you are still using the Asus if you have a modem that is seperate? Most cases would be to remove that router since AmpliFi is also a router.

    What is the work around for this?

    This depends on why we want to keep the Asus router in the network and what purpose its serving.

  • Let me clarify.

    I have the wifi disable on the ASUS so it doesn't interfere with the wifi of the Amplifi system as the mesh and wired backhaul is what I bought the Amplifi for.

    I tried putting the Amplifi in bridge mode yesterday, but I don't like missing out on the groups, setting time tables for access etc..

    I have the ASUS in use still because I feel, I know feelings, like the firewall on the ASUS running Merlin firmware/software is stronger and more configurable. I only have the Amplifi system hooked up to it though. I've had it setup like that for the last couple years. I like the log files that the ASUS provides for in/out connections as well.

    If I have an issue with the Amplifi and still need access to the internet I can run an ethernet cable directly to my computer to the ASUS. The ASUS does have the ability to disable DHCP on the LAN and NAT on the WAN. I'm not technically inclined with IT enough to know how to setup it up so it's not an issue with the Amplifi system or that there's even a need to have it setup as such or what problems might come of it.

    You can be honest. Is it pointless to have the ASUS still in the system? Does the added firewall offer any benefit? I read an article that having the dual NAT can actually block UPNP and malicious software/malware etc. from getting through with a double NAT. Or is that just bunk?

    Thanks for your help btw.

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