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  • I know the Alien is brand new, but the competing Orbi has a 2.5Gb (still not even clear on how this is done, lol) WAN port, which sounds a bit more future-proof for those lucky enough to currently have a gigabit service. Of course, one would also have to have a modem that spit out 2.5Gb to take advantage of this, but it would royally suck to have such a high-end(and priced) bit of tech end up bottle-necking your speeds if the ISP ran a promo that bumped past the the current gigabit plateau! Think the way Arris gets past the 1Gb barrier is by having a pair of gigabit ports that can be bridged together on the back of their modems, which makes this move to a 2.5Gb port sound even further appealing, but we'll just have to wait and see on that. Still would rather have this over the Orbi...

  • @thinkambient Thanks for the suggestion, I do not think we will be seeing anything over 1Gbps in residential for a while. I will add this as a feature request, thanks.

  • IMO, multigig on the WAN port probably doesn't make a lot of sense (unless that WAN port is on a satellite for mesh Ethernet backhaul), like JT said, we most likely won't see any ISP offering more than 1G for quite a while, and even though I'm on a 1G Internet pipe, there is rarely any remote server I could pull that kind of bandwidth from.

    But a multigig LAN port would certainly make a lot sense to take advantage of the bandwidth offered by AX. I can see how that would greatly benefit the home network, e.g. accessing the NAS. And tbh I am now holding out on AX just to wait for such a router.

  • For those of us running in Bridge mode a singular ISP speed no longer remains a limiting factor at the WAN port

    But a 1Gbps WAN Port does theoretically choke off 8x8 MU-MIMO by quits bit...

  • @UI-JT Honestly a multigig WAN would be awesome. Better yet, two wan ports for bonding two ISP sources. For those doing trading and such, redundancy is a great and you guys would be the best prosumer router in the world!!

  • @UI-JT I've got 1.2gbs with Xfinity, and had to switch to the 2.5gb WAN port on my Asus router to get full speeds on wifi. Now my wifi is faster than my home ethernet network. I wanted to switch to the alien, but this issue is a blocker for me. I'd buy the alien setup in a heartbeat if it had a faster WAN port.

  • It is disappointing they didn't put a 2.5GbE WAN port on the new 802.11ax Unifi Dream Router with "3 Gbps aggregate throughput rate"
    Now that the Dream series has Wi-Fi 6 and a Wi-Fi 6e access point (U6-Enterprise) is coming, let's hope a properly spec'd Alien successor is on the event horizon too...

  • @UI-JT Docsis 4.0 is currently in testing in real world environments on existing cable lines... May not be too far off.

  • @Derek-Saville I'm hoping they do come out with a 2.5 model that we can add to our existing aliens. I just went through about 6 to 8 weeks testing other systems in my home and they all had 2.5gig ports. My isp plan is 1.5 but I can get more. We would need agreggated lines or something to really do this but above 1 gig plans are very common here in Canada now and the Alien is at a disadvantage. They obviously realized this with the new udmp se.

  • Hi @newfubq - indeed, when the USW-Enterprise switches were in EA Beta and called U6-Sxx, their descriptions specifically mentioned "offering 2.5G RJ45 Ethernet ports...providing 2.5G PoE links to your Wi-Fi 6 APs".
    At the time images of the U6-Pro AP, before certification failed and eventually being reincarnated as the U6-LR, originally showed 2.5G RJ45 links
    One can only hope the Wi-Fi 6e U6-Enterprise will have 2.5GbE to match (and a dedicated scanning radio too)

    I would question if it is worth keeping the AmpliFi brand going
    With the UniFi Network app there is no reason they couldn't replicate the "consumer friendly" AmpliFi installation experience with the UniFi Dream series, hiding all of the complexity unless a user wants more advanced access

    When they finally retail you will probably be able to purchase a UDR + two U6-Mesh APs for the same cost as a single Alien
    Pulling more consumers up into the UniFi Dream ecosystem would also introduce them to the Protect, Talk, Access and Connect accessory lines with significantly more sales potential than a WiFi only product line

    Remember Protect was originally conceived as an AmpliFi product
    And in my opinion, the Alien was supposed to be the Wi-Fi 6 Gamers Edition*, but nVidia must have pulled out and I still believe they then prematurely launched to get it out before the US Thanksgiving holiday sales season in 2019 for various other reasons
    *- the Alien still runs the GeForceNow UPnP service

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