Nest Cams having hard time connecting

  • Hi

    I have a couple of Nest cameras but two outdoor are struggling to stay connected. These two are close to the Mesh point
    Both outdoor cameras are close to indoor cameras that are having no issues.

    I have the Amplifi Alien kit
    I have tried different settings
    -on/off the 5ghz additional radio
    -on/off 20/40ghz

    Any suggestions anybody?

    I have sent a support file as well if it will help

  • I can’t establish a solid connection with Wyze cameras either using the 2.4Ghz radio. Works fine on a Linksys - and even have others running great on an AmpliFi HD, but no joy with the Alien.

    I think it’s some sort of backwards compatibility anomaly with the Alien Wi-Fi 6 radios and legacy devices, but that’s just a guess. Really hope the Alien team at UBNT can get to the bottom of this.

  • @BobbyPanos To try and identify if its a connection issue from the mesh point, can you remove the mesh point from your network by unplugging it and test to see if the cameras connect to the primary router? Or, you could simply create an additional SSID from the primary router and connect the cameras to that network.

    Are the indoor cameras that are connecting connected to the mesh point, or the primary router?

  • @UI-Brett

    Forgot to mention the Mesh point is wired

    So i just checked to see where the cameras are connecting
    So WalkIn & Front Yard are same height/distance from mesh or router and they are 10ft apart
    The Front Yard is having hard time staying connected jumping from router to mesh
    WalkIn 63% to Mesh 5Ghz
    Front Yard 46% 2.4Ghz Router then switched to Mesh 54% 2.4Ghz

    Driveway is 10ft further from i door Garage camera
    Driveway 57% Mesh 2.4Ghz
    Garage 80% Mesh 5Ghz

    Im gonna try without Mesh to see the difference
    Also i have another router coming that i will use as mesh in place of the one that come in kit will i het better performance from it? Router Mesh vs Mesh?

  • @BobbyPanos said in Nest Cams having hard time connecting:

    another router coming that i will use as mesh in place of the one that come in kit will i het better performance from it?

    No, if the connection type between router and mesh is the same, the performance will be the same. The Meshpoint from an Alien kit is identical to the router hardware wise except for the LCD and Ethernet switch on the back.

  • @UI-Brett

    Ya the connection will be the same wired 1000mbps (tested around 980mbps) so the wired line is fine

    Front Yard & Driveway cameras are having hard time connecting to router it is too far

    I will try moving the Mesh point to my other room since in the office its next to PC monitor, TV on wall, printer, etc lots of interference

    Let me try and see what the results are

  • @UI-Brett
    Additional 5 GHz radio ON
    2.4 GHz Auto Channel 1 - 20Mhz
    5 Ghz Auto Channel 36 - 80MHz

    Router located in basement electrical rooom

    So after moving the Mesh point to my bedroom which is the opposite corner of the house
    Front Yard Cam - 12ft away (window) 80% 2.4ghz (should be on 5ghz)

    WalkIn Cam - switched to router (even thought mesh is 12ft away)
    66% 5Ghz

    Garage Cam - switched to Router 61% 5Ghz
    Driveway Cam - Mesh 46-51% 2.4Ghz but no video

    There is obviously an issue between Nest Outdoor cameras & Amplifi Alien
    I have one of these outdoor cams running in my basement 20ft from router works fine but connection is 63% 2.4ghz
    All indoor Nest cams are connected 5ghz no problem so the outdoor are not seeing the 5ghz there is definitely an issue with that band

    Gonna try testing different channels and report back with results
    Also sent a support file from router & mesh

  • @UI-Brett

    After some more research
    Nest Outdoor cameras only connect to 2.4GHz in Canada

    Playing with channels is definitely helping the Driveway camera but still no steady connection

    Also is it possible to give us options for the 5GHz to be able to activate 20/40Mhz & 20/40/80mhz

  • FWIW - that also aligns with the connectivity issues I’m seeing with my Wyze cameras and the Alien 2.4Ghz radio.

    Brett is still digging in and I’m confident they’ll eventually get it resolved.

    I’m just happy I’m not the only one now with the issue. More data for UBNT to analyze will definitely help! Thanks

  • @Derek-S
    try these settings see what you get


    These are the settings the seem to work the best right now after testing every possible combination

    Additional 5 GHz radio OFF

    Automatic channel OFF - Manual Channel 11
    Bandwidth 20 MHz

    5 GHz
    Automatic channel OFF - Manual Channel 44
    Bandwidth 80 MHz

    Band Steering OFF
    Router Steering OFF

    Driveway camera
    is keeping a 41% connection to router 2.4GHz very weak wi-fi connection, it wont connect to Mesh point which is closer and did notice at a certain point it tried and got 51%
    But it is the only setting that are keeping the camera connected and not affecting the other cameras as well

    I have sent support files with these settings

  • @BobbyPanos

    I’ve tried channels 1,6, and 11 using both 20Mhz and 20/40Mhz bandwidths. None are stable with my Wyze camera.

  • One of my Nest Cams has also started to experience issues with my Amplifi Alien. Have 3x cameras, and the one closest to the router has had constant connection issues starting a few days ago.
    Reset the camera, and tried to reconnect, but getting an error, stating there us a security setting on my router blocking the connection process.

    I can't find any device / network security settings that would cause this on the router. Tried Turing off the paired mesh unit, no difference. Would really like to get my doorbell camera back one line...

  • @Mr_Armageddon

    Are u having issues with an outdoor Nest camera or doorbell nest?

    Wondering if issues is with any outdoor products by Google/Nest

  • @BobbyPanos My Outdoor Cam, and indoor Cam are both functioning normally. Only having issues with the Doorbell one.

  • @Mr_Armageddon

    Im switching to Google/Nest Hello today or tomorrow from Ring

    I will post here if i have any issues with it

    But one outdoor camera still giving me issues

  • Hi all, did the issues between an Alien and Nest Cams get resolved? I just purchased 2 Alien routers (wired backhaul) and thinking about placing Nest cams, both indoor and outdoor, around the house, plus the Nest Hello doorbell. Before buying a bunch of Nest equipment, want to make sure they will connect well with Aliens. Thank you!

  • @jamplifi I have the same set up as you. 2 Alien routers with a wired backhaul. An indoor and an outdoor Nest cam as well as the Nest Hello. No issues with any of them. I had minor issues with my Nest thermostat when I set it up, but setting the 2.4ghz to 20mhz only fixed it.

  • @Steve-Secor got it, so set 2.4ghz to 20mhz and should be good to go? Any performance loss for other devices as a result? I’ll be setting this up in 4 weeks so any step by step instructions or more color would be ideal. Thank you!!

  • @jamplifi

    I have a set of Amplifi Alien + added another Alien router all wired backhaul some cameras connected

    Guys the best this to do is go Unifi by ubiquiti i added two FlexHD AP’s and everything connects amazing and most stuff wanna connect to Unifi instead Amplifi Alien’s

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