Up and download metering Ethernet devices

  • Hi, i was wondering why only the Wifi connected devices are equipped with meters that show its up and download speed.

    I would really like to see the same meters applied to the ethernet devices connected.

    Pc’s have Network monitoring, but with devices like PS4 and Xbox you need to dive into the setup to manually test the speeds and are mostly not that accurate. Fi if you want to test the different speeds for NAT1 or NAT2 based connections.

    So imho a very simple thing to add to the app, and giving all Amplify HD users more information about what is happening not only over the wifi connections but especially the wired connections. For some reason this is not yet implemented.

    On the main screen of the app you can see a cumulative counter, but i would like to see what is pulling data via the central device being the Amplify HD and not per device on each device itself but on the Amplify HD. Does that make sense? Hope it does.

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