Just got Alien and Ethernet connected device MAC PRO only getting 100MB

  • Guys

    Just got my alien today.. So far having some decent potentials with Wifi but not sure yet but my main problem is the ethernet ports are slow and somehow limited to 100MB..

    I have 750MB from my carrier Xfinity and I am seeing 500-700MB on my iphone wifi but yet my MAC PRO which is connected to the Alien via ethernet and same connection that was connected to a Netgear Nighthawk is only getting 94MB on speedtest. When I connect it to the Nighthawk I get 700-800MB consistently.

    Seems like the Ethernet ports are speed limited and I cant find that in settings but this is ridiculous and has crippled my business for today as we do a lot of uploading and downloading !

    Anyone have any idea ?

    I have the router for 3 hours and Im frustrated and I tried support with no answer 2 times.

  • Hi @Theatermax - do you have a spare gigabit switch you can put in between?

    That should also show you what speeds are being negotiated

    Also try some alternative Ethernet cables

  • @Theatermax I have 400 Meg through Spectrum and constantly pull around 480. What type of Ethernet wiring are you using and at what distance? Also is the NIC you’re connected to only capable of 100 megs? Also do you have a switch that’s only 100 meg? Presently mine goes Modem>Alien Router> Gig Switch> Alien Mesh.

  • @Dan-Callahan

    Everything is 1000mb and I have a r7000 nighthawk and a Orbi 6 and have swapped the Orbi and the night hawk for weeks and we always get 700-800 mb at the Macpro.

    Only when the alien is connected with the same two
    Cables. 3’ cat6 to the router and same from the switch to the alien the speed on the Mac caps at 94 mb

    Something is either restricted on the alien or the ports on the new aliens are defective. I just got this a few days ago and it’s from a new batch they were waiting for.

    Something is seriously wrong

  • Hi @Theatermax - definitely sounds defective

    Maybe send Support Info file to @UI-Brett and request an RMA

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