Turn on backbone or not

  • I have 2 Amplifi HD routers plugged into my ethernet network and in bridged-mode. All is working well but wanted to know if its better to turn on the ethernet backbone option. The the signal strength between them shows them them is 90% so they are positioned appropriately. Is there an advantage to do so? Please advise and thanks.

  • Hi @dicarloja - AmpliFi HD routers do not have dedicated backhaul radios, so there is usually a considerable throughput and latency improvement for clients connected to a 2nd HD router acting as a mesh point (RAMP) when Ethernet backhaul is enabled

    I would recommend to try enabling it, and it is easily disabled if doesn’t work for your needs

    Just to confirm, are both of your HD routers independently in Bridge mode?

    Or is one HD router in Bridge mode and the 2nd one installed as a wireless mesh point?

    If they are both in Bridge mode then they still work using the same SSID, but need to be managed independently and you don’t get any of the advantages of mesh management

    If you have the option of Ethernet backhaul then there are no real negatives to using it

  • HD1 router is in Bridge mode and HD2 router is installed as a wireless mesh point.
    HD2 has the option for ethernet backbone not HD1. So just enable ethernet backbone on HD2?

  • Hi @dicarloja - yes, it is recommended to enable Ethernet backhaul for your HD2 following the instructions at How to Enable Ethernet Wired Backhaul

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