Amplifi Alien = Huge Improvement!

  • Ordered the Alien on the last in stock availability, Just got it up and running within minutes and it is a huge improvement on speed vs my Amplifi HD!
    I placed the Alien in the same location and used the same factory settings on both. Using the speed test in the app I was getting 160mbps consistently no matter what I did with the Amplifi HD. I tried factory reset, multiple different locations, settings etc. with no change. My service is 600mbps down.
    With the Alien I am consistently getting 688mbps. I don't really understand why but I am now getting the speed I am paying for. As far as range I am seeing a 10% increase in signal strength vs. the Amplifi HD in same locations.

  • Glad to hear of experiences like this!

  • This is good to hear that the signal and speeds are much better.
    It's too bad they can't keep up with the demand as a lot of greedy buyers are buying them up and putting them on eBay for a lot more money knowing they are sold out on here. I went online and had one in the cue went to go buy it and it was gone, which was really odd. Frankly they should have pushed these out to the stores in droves to at least keep the cost reasonable.

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