Can I get rid of my FiOS router with Amplifi?

  • Hi everyone,

    Right now I have an Amplifi connected to my Verizon Router. I have had it this way for a year with good performance and no real issues. However, it did occur to me that I am probably wasting money renting my Verizon router. Can i get rid of my Verizon router and have them just give me a modem and connect that to the Amplifi? I just want to ensure that will work and I am not missing anything here....

  • @Ivan-Weiss It depends on what your service is. The Verizon router is your modem. And if you have their tv service you need it for certain tv functions. If you only have internet with them, then yes you could do away with it. You can also purchase it to avoid rental fees, I did that when I first got Fios service. I have the radios on the Fios router turned off because I currently use another router which is in bridge mode for my WiFi network. But the Fios one has to stay for the necessary tv features.

  • @Ivan-Weiss Contact your service provider, they may be able to provide you with just a modem or gateway.

  • We have FIOS and do not use their router, but we are cable-free, not sure if there are any “TV” things that would break. The internet and phone work just fine for me with an Alien.

  • If you are internet only then you can use any router connected to the ONT. If you have tv/dvr service you won’t have access to the guide and some other dvr/on-demand features. I’m not certain of the specific functions you would lose. I’m always amused at the “cord cutting” idea. Unless you’re using only an over the air antenna and no internet you still have a cord to your home, just paying someone else beside the cable companies for your services. I can’t go that bare bones yet but with the ongoing financial chaos it may be inevitable.

  • Agreed, we are "cable-free" not cord free 🙂

    We did it to have more flexibility, no lock-ins on equipment and contracts. We pay for a good internet connection, and then selectively use/disable streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+ et al), one of the key benefits for us is to be able to stop paying for a service if they have nothing interesting to watch.

    But this is not about the money, we probably pay a good 75% of what we did with cable 🙂

  • @Adam-Hall-0
    Hi, do you have FIOS router or any router still in the mix via bridge mode or did you hook up Alien router straight to the Ethernet cable from ONT ?

  • @Amar-Maganti no, the provided FIOS (now Ziply) router is in the cupboard, just in case for any reason it's needed.

    I have used the Alien direct to the FIOS ethernet port, and currently have a Unifi Dream Machine between the Alien and the internet for routing, firewall, DPI and IPS. Both work just fine.

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