AmplifiHD Kit mesh point attaching to the other mesh point.

  • Problem is in the title. When I originally configured the system it showed as the AmplifiHD router in the middle with each mesh point attached to it on either side. I wasn't able to configure remote access/Teleport though and unfortunately the accepted fix for that is a hardware reset. I did that and while I was able to get my system re-set up and have remote access/Teleport working when I see my system now it shows the AmplifiHD router at the top and then a mesh point and then the other mesh point on the bottom attached to the one above it. I have my router in the middle of the house and the mesh points at either end and having them attached that way is not helping my situation.

    How can I force the mesh point to re-attach to the router?

    I've tried unplugging and resetting them but it doesn't seem to matter.

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