Why Sold out again? Check Ebay please!

  • You should be limiting these to at most a couple per customer, there are boat loads of them on Ebay for 200+ more... Either put out a ton of them out and or release them to Amazon and Best Buy Please. I have the HD system and like it a lot but want more horse power..

    Thank you much appreciated!

  • @Garnet-Ward After checking the prices on eBay unless I was desperate (not just scratching the itch for that shiny new bauble) I would not buy one at this time on eBay since there is obvious price gouging going on.

    Until the supply chain can meet the demand I definitely agree that limiting the number a customer can purchase should be implemented.

  • @James-Earl-Ford @Garnet-Ward We do have limits set on these products specifically at this point in time, some people will still purchase max limits and try to exploit the limited inventory.

  • Thanks for the reply, I guess the new norm is price gouging, unfortunately. Just keep me posted when you get new units in... I was looking for the router plus Mesh unit, as I currently have the HD system and it works well, just want something with more horsepower for better coverage as I have 1g coming to my house.

    Thank you, and stay well.


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