USG in front of Alien Router (bridge mode) feedback

  • I am thinking of doing something similar (design mode atm) , with a USG acting as the Internet facing router which can utilise two lan interfaces one to my SOHO lan including a Unifi switch and ACpro and the other to the Home network with the Alien Router setup in Bridge mode , although I will loose
    Hardware NAT
    DHCP Server
    Port Forwarding
    Family Profiles
    The Extra protection from the USG firewall and the control of the SOHO network I believe should work , however I am wondering if there will be any performance hit to the Alien in Bridge mode to either its devices connected wirelessly and or wired devices , and wondering if all the pretty lights and display information will still work correctly sitting behind the USG - would appreciate thoughts or better still if anyone has this setup or tried the same, some real feedback thanks

  • So Update - Apart from the problem of actually having access to purchase an alien router - I decided to go for the Unifi Dream Machine together with my Unifi gen 2 16 port PoE switch and 2 x Poe UAP AC Pros. It does everything I need to and more , sure I don't have wifi 6 , but also realised none of my phones or other devices at then moment have wifi 6 anyway. So when the time comes perhaps we will cross that bridge then 🙂

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