AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.3.0

  • @Ian-Webber It is worth testing with HW NAT disabled. If you had close-to-gigabit speeds towards ISP they will be reduced, but experiment is to figure out whether it is hardware Ethernet switch chip bug of some sort or not.

  • @Dainis-Jonitis Thanks for your response and the advice, but I don't really have the time to try and troubleshoot the problems with the firmware at this time.

    I'm based in the UK and we are in lockdown (but slightly less enforced than some countries - no military involvement) due to Covid-19 so my broadband working correctly is vitally important for work and to keep the family happy.

    As the configuration I had my Amplifi setup in before the v3.3.0 firmware was working fine and stopped working after the update, and was fine once I rolled back, I'm going to point the finger at that.

    Clearly I would like the security fixes in the new update but I'll leave it to Ubiquiti to find the problems and fix them and wait for an updated version, I just wanted to add my experience to the list of people having problems with this firmware release.

  • @Mike-Wiemann Next time you update to 3.3.0, try to change the lease validity time to as short as possible. Remove the hardwired devices from the network, wait until the time set for lease validity has elapsed, then reconnect the devices. You can change the Lease Validity by clicking that link, step 4 of the article.

  • @originlly Email them directly to me please, my email can be found in my bio

  • @UI-Brett Not valid for hardwired, but in future if one could pause/block the MAC address of wired devices like you can for WiFi that may have been helpful here. I was looking to pause some hardwire MAC's downstream behind switch to see which which media devices were which (all reported the same Name) without having to go to each media device to rename them in AmplifiHD.

  • @UI-Brett What do you recommend setting the Lease Validatity back to after temporarily setting to 5 minutes? Since most homes aren't going to have a lot of different devices coming and going would 1 day be good?

  • @estesbubba 12 hours or 1 day works great. Even if a device does lose its lease, it still knows the network credentials and will be addressed with a new IP which in most scenarios will not cause any issues.

  • @UI-Brett Sounds good. Does AmpliFi keep the same IP for clients or will it rotate them?

  • @estesbubba It keeps the same, as long as its lease hasn't expired and the IP was not given out to another newly connected device.

  • May be anecdotal only, but I notice that my Nest protect devices now frequently have issues connecting since installing 3.1.0.

    Is 3.1.1. now fully released and are there release notes detailing bug fixes?

  • Finally rolled back to 3.1.2 from 3.3.0. The latest firmware is ok in the 5ghz range, but when I move outside, using 2.4 it is unusable, very instable (many disconnect) and my phone goes back to LTE !. The rolled back put back a more robust 2.4 ghz range. No more fall back to LTE.

    Pleas fix this for the next release. Ad block and devices icons are fun but not as important as good strong wifi signal.


  • You’re definitely not alone. Lots of us HD users are experiencing issues lately with wireless signal, throughput, and backhaul starting with v 3.3.0. I also had to roll back to v 3.1.2 but that so far has remedied some of my wireless backhaul issues to my meshpoint. My wireless throughput is still very inconsistent and terrible, haven’t physically moved any of my meshpoints since installation when everything worked perfect. But all of a sudden these problems started recently, seems like the algorithm for wireless mesh signal has changed or something that’s causing me a lot of problems. I used to get “Great” signal strength on my meshpoint to router, now it’s “Average” with -60 to -70 dBm. It’s just awful.

  • Constant issues with my Nest protect devices. Amplify is the only thing that has changed on the network so am rolling back to 3.1.2. This is such a pity.. Finally after a lot of hassle you guys finally put out a stable firmware with 3.1.2, and now we are back to constant issues again.. Can't Amplify PLEASE prioritize reliability over useless features like the ability to change icons?

  • @Tony-Penev

    Good point about the mesh points, I’ve also noticed the same decreased in performance and values.

    Thanks for your input!

  • I'm noticing issues with connections and performance that weren't present in the previous firmware.

  • I had not noticed the problem earlier but I believe there is an issue here. I am running 3.3.0 and the connection to my Simplisafe Video Doorbell keeps dropping. I moved one of the mesh point within a few feet of the front door and it still drops connection regularly. The SVD uses 2.4 only and I have it on the lowest resolution. I have made numerous adjustments in my network - which is all Ubiquiti - and it still drops the connection. The AHD is on bridge mode.

  • @Mark-Seall Did you by chance generate support files from your system before rolling back? This issue is not widely reported so any support files you can generate will help us identify what exactly is happening to your nest.

  • I think this firmware is shot to bits my speeds are slow now and most of my 2.4ghz keep dropping out I’ve rolled back firmware re installed rolled back again.

  • Sorry, unfortunately I did not. My guess BTW is that I see here that there are people reporting issues with unstable connections on 2.4ghz. The Nests use 2.4ghz and do not frequently retry connections to conserve power - therefore unstable connections cause them particular problems. Any idea when the .1 release is coming?

  • @originlly @UI-Brett I am experiencing the same thing too, very frustrating. I have rolled back to 3.1.2 but some issues still persist and I’ve sent in two support files.

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