AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.3.0

  • AmpliFi firmware v3.3.0 for AmpliFi HD, Instant and HW Teleport has been released.

    Release notes

    • Icons for devices are now selectable
    • Additional SSIDs for each radio can be defined separately
    • DNS-based ad blocker incorporated
    • Security update (CVE-2020-8597)
    • Wi-Fi channels and power limits updated
    • Resolved MAC address issue when switching to Bridge mode
    • Other minor enhancements and updates

    We use a gradual rollout for the update. It may take up to a week for your device to receive this update.

    Please be aware that AmpliFi devices may have different IP addresses after the update if using Bridge mode. In cases where AmpliFi does not have internet connection, or mesh points do not reconnect after the update, please reboot all networking equipment including 3rd party modems, routers and switches.

    Teleport Hardware devices may also need to be factory reset after updating to 3.3.0 as well.

  • @UI-Brett Thanks for adding in CVE references for security fixes. That's much appreciated. Is there additional detail on the additional SSIDs for each radio, and if so a link to same (and/or documentation on this new feature) would be appreciated as would use case guidance as to when/why to use this feature. Also details on how the new DNS add blocker works.

  • @Matthew-Leeds said in AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.3.0:

    additional detail on the additional SSIDs for each radio

    Similar to how the AmpliFi Alien can be configured, we have give the AmpliFi HD the ability to modify the SSID. This decision was made based on user feedback, where the -2g added to the SSID automatically prevented some devices from connecting.

    This article will be updated shortly, but the Alien section shows you how to configure the additional SSID's:

    Here is an example of how it will look on the HD.

  • @UI-Brett Is there a way to directly download this version? I was on the beta for a while. I then decided to revert to released versions but trying to update doesn't see this version.


  • @davenicholls Not sure if this will work, but you can try to enable the "Receive BETA firmware updates" via WebUI and after that, using the same interface, Support -> check for updates.

  • Updated remotely from rc6 with no issues noted. Will monitor and report but all looks good so far. Security updates are much appreciated!

  • @Virgil-Nicolae

    Hi, I was on the beta and had that setting on but I had problems on the beta I was testing so I reverted (which was to an earlier beta, which was all that was available) and turned off the option to wait for the proper release.

    As of now I'm still not seeing the update.


  • @davenicholls hi Dave, at the bottom it says: "The version is available to all beta testers and will be made available gradually to all other users within a week if no major issues are found.". So, if you're not enrolled in the beta, you'll have to wait for it.

  • @davenicholls I believe it's a gradual roll out & it will take any time from release to about a week for most users to see it.

  • @Virgil-Nicolae Sorry, where does it say that?

  • @davenicholls my bad, forgot to mention that was from another post ... announcement from @UI-Karlis

  • Hi @davenicholls - something similar is I n @UI-Brett’s release notes in the very first post

    I believe @UI-Karlis made the direct quote on a Beta thread

    At least the gradual roll-out is now down to a week

    They used to be a lot longer...

  • @Tristan-Baptist Thanks, I saw that the general rollout was gradual, but I assumed that any device requesting the update would receive it.

  • Thanks everyone. I updated by switching on the beta setting then switching it off again afterwards. I do have a different problem where one of my Meshpoints has gone weird but I'll deal with that separately.


  • Hello,
    I would like to know if there is the possibility of knowing to which router is connected the mesh point?
    My network is made up of 3 mesh units and a main AFI-R router and a second AFI-R wired via ethernet backbone.
    I would like to know to which of these 2 routers, the "Cuisine" mesh point is connected.
    0_1584484831295_ubnt1.jpg 0_1584484838817_ubnt2.jpg


  • Currently approaching 3 months of continuous and problem free uptime on the old firmware. Really appreciated the stability there. Looking forward (somewhat anxiously) to see if this update continues that trend?

  • With the new firmware and SSID options is there a way to disable 2.4G on the main SSID? With my previous router myssid was 5G only and myssid-2G was 2.4G only but I don't see a way to do it with my HD.

  • @estesbubba No way to disable it completely, but when creating an additional SSID you can enable only the 5Ghz instead of generating both.

  • @UI-Brett Can I do this? I didn't want to try and mess something up.

    Set primary SSID to MySsid

    Set additional SSID to MySsid (5G) and MySsid-2G (2G)

    Is this allowed and would it make MySsid 5G-only and MySsid-2G 2G-only?

  • @estesbubba said in AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.3.0:

    Is this allowed and would it make MySsid 5G-only and MySsid-2G 2G-only?

    Yes, if you are referencing my screen shot posted earlier, each option has a toggle on/off switch. The primary dual band SSID will always stay broadcast, so you do not have to worry about devices losing connection.
    So for all devices you want to connect to a dedicate band, say 5Ghz you would just enable that additional SSID and connect those devices to that broadcast. If 2.4Ghz is not needed, simply leave it turned off and 2.4Ghz options will only be available in the dual band primary SSID.

    Just to clarify, when you set your additional 5Ghz only SSID, do not use the same SSID as your primary. It will need to be unique, and you cannot modify or disable bands from the Primary SSID.

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