Revoke DHCP entries

  • It'd be really useful if I could revoke certain DHCP registrations - at the moment I am working on a lot of projects which means installing and removing a lot of VMs, each get a DHCP registration, yes I could run a seperate DHCP server but that means a different subnet, routing and what not. Instead, if I could revoke the ones I no longer need it'd prevent the DHCP server from running out of IP adresses. My Amplifi HD is primarily being used for home stuff, so resetting it or changing subnets would be a huge hassle just because I want to revoke some DHCP adresses.

  • Wind the lease time right down while the project is on?

  • @lasseoe I think turning lease validity time to something like an hour resolve this? I will add your suggestion to our feature request list.

  • @Adam-Hall-0 & @UI-JT

    Yes that's definitely a solution and a workaround that works most of the time. I still think having a bit more control over the DHCP server would be useful in the long run.

    Thanks 🙂

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