Disallow pausing your own device

  • If you accidentally pause the device your using amplify with and you don't have another mobile device, only option is to reset the router. Sorry, but "Use another device" is not a solution, the solution is to prevent pausing internet for the device that is accessing admin, or at a minimum throwing a warning "You're about to disallow this device, continuing may lock you out of administration"

    Goes to reset the router for the third time due to an accidental pause

    I mentioned this to support 3 months ago, see that nothing has changed. Sick of this.

  • @sean-mitchell Does enabling remote access and then connecting through cellular network solve the problem?

  • @ubnt-gunars said in Disallow pausing your own device:


    Read what you just wrote, one more time. How does one enable a feature through an interface they cannot access?

    That's a workaround, not a solution. A premium device should have a real solution.

    Appreciate the effort, but I'm tired of getting of being provided with workarounds. I'm a software developer with a focus in UX and I have experience in networking. In short, this is not acceptable functionality. Adding a check against mac address or even IP to prevent customers from having to reset their router and curse Amplifi's, and by extension Ubquiti's name, is no more than 1-3 lines of code. 40 seconds well spent IMO.

  • @sean-mitchell I would say it's a good idea to have remote access always enabled. That should prevent lockouts from happening again. The solution for unblocking right now is to either use another device or reset the router. A firmware update that prevents this behavior won't unblock your device.

  • @ubnt-gunars That's a form of entrapment. Theoretically giving router access and/or relying on Facebook's or Google's authentication is not on my list of todos. And again, it is not a solution, it's an overkill workaround to an otherwise simple problem

    The point is, a firmware update wouldn't help me, but it would prevent this from happening again. This is basic UX for any junior dev strait out of college. Write out the use cases, write out potential edge cases and write out any undesired functionalities. Account for these cases to provide the best user experience. Period.

    Well, except for a company that doesn't listen to their customers (looking at you Amplifi)

  • @sean-mitchell I am having this same issue when pausing from administrator phone and today December 14 2018, they still has not figure out a solution other than reset to the whole wifi network... HUGE FLAW. I am returning this router.

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