Display still shows "Turbo mode"

  • The display of my Amplifi router shows the turbo mode logo and the text 'Turbo mode is on', which makes it pretty useless. As far as I know the turbo mode was removed as entity from the firmware ages ago. But how can I get rid of the logo (if I don't want to factory reset and reconfigure everything)...

  • @Frank-Maas Does a power cycle resolve it? You can always download a back up config and then after a reset upload the back up file.

  • @UI-JT Sorry... took a while to test this, but a power cycle does not solve it. And... where can I find the backup and restore facility (or procedure)?

  • @UI-JT ok 😊 I could have found that myself... Now I have found it, the contents of the backup is rather limited.

    Backup {"date": "Fri Apr 24 18:55:57 CEST 2020", "mac": "f0:9f:c2:xx:xx:xx", "firmware version": "3.3.0 0-g3035af3f69", "protocol version": "94"}
    LanDhcpPool {"Lan gateway": "", "AddressOffset": "", "AddressRangeLength": "", "LeaseTime": ""}
    DhcpStaticLeases {}
    ScheduledAccessControl {"devices": {"00:0c:f6:xx:xx:xx": {"name": "switch"},"00:1d:7d:xx:xx:xx": {"name": "MainServer"}, ...other devices...},"profiles": {},"rules": {}}
    ClientCustomInfo {}
    PortForwardingConfig {}
    Hash 065f4db3f3f83aa44013bb17xxxxxxxx

    The article said that "port forwarding rules, static IP address settings, and guest network settings" are not part of the backup, but rather a lot isn't. Not the primary WiFi SSID, nothing about the linked meshpoints...

    Is this how it is supposed to be?

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