Teleport App on iOS appears unable to pass moderate traffic

  • I have an Amplifi HD router configured and running firmware version 3.3.0. This router when running v3.2.1 was working as a Teleport server allowing connections from my iPad. Teleport was last used in late Jan 2020.

    Now, the Teleport App regularly fails to connect. When a tunnel does succeed in connecting I can successfully ssh from my iPad to a machine on the home network. However, if I start a moderately heavy data session such as a VNC session to a home machine, the tunnel disconnects within 10 seconds of starting the VNC session.

    My home network is reliably over 20Mbps. The remote network to which the iPad is connecting is reporting speed tests to Sydney at over 30Mbps. However, when the Teleport app establishes a connection the reported speed in the Teleport app is around 0.7Mbps/0.5Mbps.

    Any suggestions about what has changed since January when this was working?

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