Random Rebooting

  • @Jay-Andler I had two reboots on my first day using my Alien when it first arrived. Once I updated the firmware from 3.2.0 to 3.2.5, haven't had any reboots since and I keep my LCD/LED on for 12 hrs per day. I think 3.2.5 may be the best firmware at the moment.

  • @TropicAxis-Team yeah...I tracked the reboots and found an interesting pattern:

    19:06 reboot
    19:13 reboot - 7m delay
    19:22 reboot - 9m delay
    19:33 reboot - 11m delay
    19:46 reboot - 13m delay
    20:03 reboot - 17m delay
    20:10 reboot - 7m delay
    20:19 reboot - 9m delay

    Resetting it and will try to update firmware....

  • Hi @Jay-Andler - the shipping v3.2.0 firmware had a lot of issues

    As @TropicAxis-Team mentioned, v3.2.5 has been very stable for many people using single Alien installations

    Beta v3.4.0rc3 may be better for multi-Alien mesh installations

  • @Derek-Saville thanks! I just updated to 3.2.5 and will see how it goes. Thanks!

  • Sounds like a bad batch of Aliens with hardware issues. I hope they can trace the problem down before sending out any more which includes my replacement.

  • Hi All - Add me to the list of victim of random reboots 😞

    I am on 3.4.0 and bought it after the first batch sold out .. I have tried everything that was posted in this thread except a downgrade to 3.2.5.

    Can someone please share the link and instructions to install 3.2.5 as I do not see the option to rollback in the WebUI.

    I guess after that, its the RMA route .. I had so much hope with this router 😞

  • @Ahmed-Junaid I bought my Alien in February and I started noticing random reboots as well. I read alot of posts and people were recommending 3.2.5 so I did that. It did not help at all if anything it was worse. I upgraded back to 3.4.0 to see if a fresh update helps. If not I will try a factory reset then an RMA. Seems strange for this issue to start popping up now out of nowhere.

  • @AR-GC Yes, this is one strange issue for sure.

    I tried both firmwares and no resolution to rebooting. I ended up with RMA and now waiting for my replacement. Lets hope that it is fixed this time.

    If you ask me, this is still a hardware issue which somehow became evident after 3.4.0 and even after the downgrade, it does not help.

  • @Ahmed-Junaid

    Please keep us posted if your replacement helps. Thanks

  • @Gofast @Ahmed-Junaid @AR-GC I received 2 at the same time back in March, only 1 of my routers had the random reboot issue. I sent it back for replacement and they told me it was a Hardware issue. From my troubleshooting in previous posts, it came down to the Fan stopped working and the device would overheat with load and reboot. The new firmware now shows the FAN RPM which would have been nice had it shipped before I sent it back. I was able to get the one I returned not to reboot by placing a fan behind it. Externally cooled 🙂 So, router 1, still works fine, fan running, replacement router working fine, fan running, see how it goes. It did take a week or so before they could even send me a replacement.. Production is not exceeding demand, or shipping, etc..

  • @mamajek @Gofast @AR-GC Thank you! .. I believe that mine is also a fan issue .. whats surprising that it all started all of a sudden and my guess is that Amplifi team should look into the 3.4.0 firmware and how its making the hardware behave.

    I received a reply from support yesterday that I should expect a replacement in a week or two .. I will keep you all posted.

  • no idea if any of this helps but mine has been working solid for 2.5 days. I downgraded to 3.2.5 then back to the current version. Also, bypassed my surge protector and connected straight to the wall idk.

  • @AR-GC Thanks for the input! Was it the firmware that helped? Or the change in power?

  • @AR-GC Thanks .. I tried the same approach as well before I did the RMA .. after the first couple of reboots, I kept it on the wall outlet too but no benefit.

  • @Ahmed-Junaid I suppose its time for me to RMA as well. It was working I saw everything is great for once for over 3 days but starting yesterday afternoon its been great for no more than an hour at a time. so frustrating, it has to be a hardware issue.

  • Interestingly, I've had a pair of Aliens since pre-order release and been GREAT. Suddenly yesterday one of them had 3 reboots for some reason. Nothing changed that I am aware of.

    I have submitted support file info, we should all do this so the devs can assess and see if they have a systemic hardware issue, or a bug somewhere.

    I'm on 3.4.0

  • @AR-GC sorry to hear my friend .. its a great piece of hardware so please do share as much information with Aplifi team during RMA so that they can resolve this problem.

    I am still waiting on confirmation from Amplifi on my replacement .. will keep you posted.

  • @Adam-Hall-0 I shared both 3.2.5 and 3.4.0 file info with Aplifi support team.

    I agree, the more we share with the team, the sooner they will be able to find the root cause and resolve this issue.

  • @Ahmed-Junaid I love the router without a doubt it has been amazing and its unfortunate this is occurring all of a sudden. I wonder how many more people don't realize its happening yet, because it reboots pretty fast that if you are streaming something you may not even notice unless you look at the app and realize it suddenly says everything is great for 1 min. I just worry when I get a replacement router from a local store while waiting on my RMA i play it safe and keep that router. IDK I am really at a loss it is such a shame.

  • agree, I only knew it rebooted as I got an alert from my home alarm each time that it had switched to cellular backup! It drops and reenables the network switch so damn fast.

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