Random Rebooting

  • brand new out of the box. system is rebooting every 2-4 min. I am typing as fast as I can between reboots.

    I have reset system but still doing so. I will call the support line and RMA unless someone has an idea here.

  • @pnats I would contact the RMA dept.

  • I am experiencing random reboots as well that just started yesterday for what I have seen. I am on the newest firmware and the system was working perfectly before.

  • @Ritesh-Patel Does a simple power cycle of the AmpliFi router fix this? If not, we can attempt a factory reset, and if that does not work I can provide you with the firmware files for AmpliFi v3.3.0 to manually perform the update in the case of corruption.

    You can also test the rollback feature to see if this corrects it, then update again.

  • The fix was not having it plugged into a UPS (link below). Once I plugged it into the SURGE only ports did it fix the issue. I take it that the unit is drawing on more than this little home office APC can handle.

    The Alien uses 35W max ... so I will have to do some math to see if this APC would even work (which it does not). Since I want the unit backed up on battery perhaps the good folks here can recommend a unit from APC that could work....


  • This post is deleted!

  • Same issue with me. It randomly reboots my router after update. Already rolled back however still reboots twice in consecutive. Made the led and screen to show up only 2 hours during 6-8pm, still reboots. Im not sure if the unit overheats or whatever is happening. Support cant figured it out after sending 4 support file right after my router booted up. As of the moment, no resolution.


  • Add me to the list as well... Just getting it set up tonight, it has rebooted 4 times this evening...

  • Damn, twice more... I have a feeling I'm going back to my old router shortly and this is getting sent back.

  • Just setup my new Alien router out of the box today. So far in 6 hours of operation I've witnessed 2 random reboots. Currently on stock firmware version 3.2.0. I refuse to update to 3.3.1 as others have mentioned on this forum that that update has given them more problems.

    I hope a resolution comes soon otherwise I may need to consider returning mine.

  • @TropicAxis-Team For what it’s worth, I updated mine to the beta software (Which has some good feedback here) and everything is rock solid so far. It fixed all of the issues I had out of the box. I’ve been told that downgrading to 3.2.5 will fix it too.

  • @Sideman7 Thanks brother! So should I enable beta software in the app and then update firmware? Is there a recommended order to the steps?

  • @TropicAxis-Team I think you have to enable the beta software on the web UI, not the app. Then I think you can trigger the update either through the app or the unit itself (I think I kicked it off from the face of the unit).

    The new display is nicer too, and I dig the fact that the LED ring can be turned down from blindingly bright.

  • @Sideman7

    Everything about my Alien was perfect......Then I Started having random reboots that have been getting progressively worse. It’s to the point where it is unusable. I tried rebooting, factory default reset and as of last night I installed the beta software. When I woke up this morning I checked the AMPLIFI app it says “Everything is great” for 8 minutes!

    I have a feeling this is a hardware issue. It was working perfectly, no settings were changed, no new wireless devices were added and it was running on the latest firmware for weeks without issue.

    As I typed this message on my iPhone the WiFi reset. Hopefully I can RMA this and get a new one but who knows how long that will take as stock is very limited.
    Seems as I am not the only one with this problem.

    Interesting.....So I installed the beta firmware and the onscreen display shows fan speed and temperature
    Right now it is displaying 64 Celsius and the fan rpm is 0
    At almost 150 degrees F you would think the fan would come on. Maybe it is overheating causing the reboots?

    The alien is placed where there is plenty of airflow and is not in an enclosed space.
    Broken fan maybe?

  • @PmedicJ

    I blew some canned air around the vents and now the fan is spinning at 570 rpm and the temp fluctuates up and down between 61c -64c but the uptime is now 1 hour the longest it has been without rebooting. I am thinking the fan is the weak link. I wonder if the fan is working 100% efficient and when it may quit again?
    I will keep you posted.

  • @PmedicJ How long have you had your unit for before it started acting up?

    I just set up mine yesterday. Came with 3.2.0 preinstalled. Had two random reboots. Updated to 3.2.5. No issues since. I will take note of how many weeks/months it runs before it turns out like your unit.

  • @TropicAxis-Team
    Bought it in March and I had installed latest firmware without issue. Just started random reboots that got worse over the last couple of days. Unplugged and power cycled didn’t work, factory reset didn’t work either.
    Then I installed the beta software and it still didn’t work. However the beta software has a bunch of really slick features on the display itself one of which is the temperature and fan speed. When I saw that the fan speed read 0 rpm and the temp was 64 celsius I knew something wasn’t right so I took a can of air and blew through the vents and then the fan started reading about 570 rpm and the temp stayed stable.
    So far I am up to 10 hours uptime with everything is ok. The longest it has been up all week.
    So it looks like the fan not working was causing it to overheat and reboot. I am wondering when and if it will happen again. The router isn’t placed in a room with dust or debris so I’m at a loss.
    I will wait and see if it stops working or resets again.
    What a great feature set on the beta firmware though, it pretty much tipped me off to the ah ha moment of what may have been going on.

    Update: My uptime is now 24 hours! I firmly believe my fan was stuck and not working. I never would have found this issue if I did not install the beta firmware (which is fantastic BTW)

  • My second Mesh router is now randomly rebooting.. I've taken it off UPS Battery per comments above. Not sure about the beta software. Twice today when doing a video web conference. Laptop is connected via Ethernet to the Mesh point.

  • @mamajek

    I have been watching when my alien reboots very closely. I thought it was a fan issue no I know it is not a fan issue because I have 2 clients plugged in to my ethernet port on my Alien. 1 is an Arlo base station and the other is Obi VOIP telephone.

    My alien reboots whenever either of these devices have activity! If someone uses the voip the alien reboots, If the arlo cameras detect activity the alien reboots.
    I have since unplugged these from the alien and no reboots so far.

  • @PmedicJ Dell Laptop is the only thing on the ethernet, reboot has been during Teams Video/Voice and Zoom Video/Voice calls. Nothing I can unplug

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