Random Rebooting

  • @PmedicJ Just to clarify, I have WiFi cameras in the house connect to the WiFi. What's crazy is all this has been working just fine until this week.. Nothing has change. Pulling my hair out, Each time it reboots I'm missing from my meetings for 15 or more seconds as it reboots..

  • @mamajek

    It was a thought. Mine just rebooted 5 minutes ago with my devices unplugged so thats not it. I have had enough of this Alien!
    It was rock solid for over a month of uptime and now all the constant reboots. I think I am going to plug my amplifi hd back in for now and then go get an Asus. I cant work like this!

  • @mamajek
    Yes, I can't figure it out either! you are right just this past week with no changes.

  • @PmedicJ

    Tech support asked for the the following information, I'll post here to see if we have any clues

    1 AmpliFi Router,

    • Hardware ID 42, Firmware 3.3.1
    • connected to Comcast Xfinidy cable modem 250 MbPs down 13 mbps Up
    • 2 systems connected to Ethernet
    • This one does not seam to be rebooting, or at least I can't tell, Update shows 1 month

    1 AmpliFi Router acting as a mesh point,

    • Hardware ID 42, Firmware 3.3.1,
    • signal distance strength 94% or -44 dBm (green zone)
      1 system connected to Ethernet

    About 22 WiFi devices connected

    The only WiFi 6 devices in the house are the Alien Routers

  • @mamajek
    its very strange that these issues just started to appear in the past week. Everything was rock solid with 3.3.1 and then the reboots appear out of nowhere. I installed the beta firmware with no change. got it just over 1 day with no reboots and then it started again.
    yours is on the mesh router mine is on the main. I really think it is more of a hardware issue at this point. whatever, I posted all that info that was asked by tech support too.

    It was working 100% and now its not. I have given this Alien too much of my time already and I would really just like an RMA and be sent a new one!

  • @mamajek If I may ask, how long did it take for the customer support to respond to you? Other than initial tech support live session through the app, ZERO response from the Amplifi tech support team, and no willingness to engage.

  • Ok, I just had a reboot while not engaged with a Web Video/Call. that is the 3rd reboot today. I did have a 1gb file being downloaded at the time.

  • @mamajek

    I went back to firmware 3.3.1 and had 5 reboots in 15-20 minutes. Ridiculous!!!! I asked to try the firmware before 3.3.1 and have not received the file yet.
    After trying the previous firmware if it reboots constantly it is definitely a hardware issue.

  • Just rebooted again. 1.4GB file was in the process of downloading. Made it to 1.2GB of 1.4GB 29 minutes into the download and the Router rebooted. I'm going to test off the ethernet, and onto the WiFi 5 radio to see what happens.

  • Hi @mamajek - if you take the Alien RAMP offline and run with just the main Alien router does it make a difference?

  • @Derek-Saville @PmedicJ
    Pmedic has a single Router doing the same thing.. I'm going to test that sometime later today, to try to remove variables. So far, the issues is only with my Mesh point

  • @mamajek

    Would someone please send me a link for firmware 3.2.5

    I got a response saying that I can roll back on the web ui .....well there is no option in the web ui to allow that.

  • Hi @mamajek - sorry, when you said the 'Router rebooted' I though you were referring to the main router

    I am wondering if there is a self-resetting fuse (PolySwitch) somewhere that trips causing the resets when they hit an over temp on higher current draw

    You could also try blowing chilled air on the Alien to see if it is temperature related and makes a difference?

    Too bad it is so difficult to open the case...

  • @PmedicJ Sent in PM.

  • Hi @mamajek - one other variable you might consider trying, enable Night Mode from 00:01 to 23:59 so the LCD display and LED ring are completely off, drawing no power

    My main Alien running this way hasn’t been rebooted in over a month according the AmpliFi app, although I am still on v3.2.5

  • @UI-JT

    Thank you! I will downgrade tomorrow when I get back home and report back.

  • @Derek-Saville

    I tried all the light settings as well. I’m hoping the rollback to 3.2.5 works.

  • @Derek-Saville
    That’s a very interesting idea. I thought the same thing about it being a temp thing from the beginning.
    Reason being..when I installed the beta firmware it showed a temp of 149 degrees and a fan rpm of 0 however I blew some canned it on it and the fan kicked in and hovers about 540 rpm the alien stayed on for almost 36 hours before the resets began again.
    The unit would reset and the fan was still running around 520-540 rpm and temps were about 143 degrees so I chalked it up to the fan not being the problem. Now it’s got me thinking maybe it is a heat/ fan issue bringing me back to my original theory.

  • I just did a test with downloading a 1.4 GB file

    • Laptop plugged into Alien Router acting as Mesh point via Ethernet - Reboot occurred.

    • Laptop on WiFI 5 radio next to Alien Router acting as Mesh point - NO reboot occurred, file downloaded

    • Laptop back on Ethernet, download file again - Reboot occurred.

    So the amount of traffic has something to do with this.. or the speed of the traffic and the WiFi 6 radio?

  • Just tested with Alien Router connected via Ethernet Backbone to the Second Alien Mesh point.

    Copied 1.4 GB file, and NO reboot.

    So, what does this tell us, that it has to do with the WiFi 6 radio and load?

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