Random Rebooting

  • If I do an RMA, will they cross-ship so I'm not out of a router while they figure this out?

  • @ronbriggs For the RAMP (Router as a mesh point), you will need to physically reset it. It is hard to say if it will help or not, however I would be happy to help you process an RMA claim to get it replaced if you would like.

  • Hi Brett,

    Thanks for reaching out. I'll reply to your private chat with the RMA info.


  • @UI-Brett Hi Brett, can you tell me how long the RMA normally takes? My Alien was delivered back to Amplifi on Thursday of last week and I have still not gotten notice that a replacement has been sent back to me.

    thank you

  • @AR-GC @UI-Brett

    I received my RMA replacement router late last week (after approximately 3 weeks of wait time) and have had one reboot since then (firmware 3.4.0) but it looks like things are more stable as before.

    I am going to start putting more load on the router so lets see.

  • @AR-GC It is usually a fairly quick process. Please send me your RMA number in a direct message and I will look into it for you

  • Ugh... My router rebooted about 15 times this weekend alone!

  • Just started seeing this issue this weekend as well, on 3.4.0 firmware.
    Temperature at 152, fan speed 2500 rpm.
    Reboots happen every time one of my devices uses up a lot of bandwidth.. ex. download at 100 Mbps.
    At normal b/w utilization, it’s stable.

  • I'm rebooting even more than last week now--at least every 90 minutes or so. With 7+ pages of posts on this issue, should I be worried that my other unit is going to start doing this too or that my replacement unit will also act up? The replacement Alien router having issues (used as a mesh point) is arriving tomorrow.

    UI-Brett: can you comment on if this is a hardware or firmware issue and if the former, how widespread this is?

  • @ronbriggs said in Random Rebooting:

    this is a hardware or firmware issue and if the former, how widespread this is?

    We are still researching the issue, and so far it has been a little more difficult to identify with users experiencing the same issue of reboots, however with different reasonings. This is our top priority and we will update our community as soon as we have a breakthrough.

    One thing to keep in mind is you will have a one year warranty on your devices, and if it is found to be in anyway a hardware related issue that we cannot fix with a firmware update, we will replace your unit.

  • Im using one of my aliens as a mesh point .. temp at 141F and 0 RPM on the fan .. i dont think it suppose to be 0 .. i get reboots randomly after updating to 3.40 any idea?

  • Any chance i can back roll?

  • @Ahmad-Ilkaldi Rolling back is an option if done manually, however if your RPM's are reporting 0, I do not believe a rollback will fix that issue and I would recommend submitting an RMA for your unit.

    This unit is being used as a mesh point? If you were to use that unit as the primary router, or just set it up in router mode instead of a mesh point for a test, we could see if the fan is actually operational and if it is simply an error in the system that displays 0 RPM when it is in fact working.
    Our test units do not have this issue currently, but if we can find a simple fix vs going through the RMA process, that would save time.

  • @UI-AmpliFi yes its a mesh point .. the router unit also read 0 rpm but never had a random reboot before .. i order another router unit to replace the the mesh point that keeps rebooting with 3.40 and its running fine now with the older firmware .. i still want to use my old mesh point though .. seems like mesh point on 3.40 have the reboot issue thats why i wanted to try rolling back .. i dont need the new screen on my mesh point i just order the router version cause there was not much price difference

  • @UI-AmpliFi 3.2.5 seems the most stable firmware for mesh points .. you can start with why is it

  • @devarshi Update: I factory reset both my Aliens, and then restored settings - still had the same issue.
    Then I swapped the two - made what was originally a Mesh point my primary, and vice versa. That seems to have fixed the issue on my primary, but now I see the mesh point periodically reset / lose connection. (I’m hard wired into the mesh point, which is how I see a loss of connection + router LCD panel shows uptime reset).

    This makes me think there’s a hardware issue on the device that is now acting as my mesh point. Time for a RMA I guess.. @UI-Brett - presume I should just use regular support channels ?

  • @devarshi one interesting observation though in case it helps getting to root cause; unsure if it is material though. The Alien that works properly takes atleast 2x longer to reboot from scratch after a factory reset vs the Alien that is misbehaving / resetting.

  • @devarshi said in Random Rebooting:

    presume I should just use regular support channels ?

    Yes, you can fill out the online RMA form to begin the process.

  • This post is deleted!

  • My replacement unit has been working as expected since receipt four days ago. I hope this was an isolated incident and not a widespread issue going forward.

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