Random Rebooting

  • @UI-AmpliFi ok so i bout another full alien router to replace the one that keeps rebooting on the same outlit and ethernet cable and its still working fine .. so i guess the problem is with the rebooting unit ... i think i need a replacement

  • One of my Aliens was replaced in July due to this rebooting issue and has been fine every since. Now, my second Alien (the one I use as my main router) is doing the exact same thing. I just submitted another RMA request.

  • Hopefully a moderator can set up an advance replacement like last time. I sent Brett a message and am waiting to hear back.

  • What is the proper sequence of steps to take once I receive the replacement? I would like to transfer the settings of the old unit before I send it back and will also need to erase the old unit before shipping. I have a second Alien being used as an ethernet mesh point. Will this just reconnect with h replacement unit?

  • I have a brand new Alien that's only about a month old exhibiting this exact problem as well and it's driving me crazy. I am on the latest firmware 3.4.3. What is the process for an advanced RMA since this is my only router so I cannot be without one? Note I Have already tried other outlets and this is on a UPS as well. Mine seems to reboot on average once a day.

    I'm not sure how you check fan speed or temperature as others have mentioned? I just would like to get this resolved as quickly as I can since I work from home (like I'm sure many of you do).

  • @David-Chodorski Hi, David. Can you please contact our support team by filling this form?

    1. Please attach the support info file (can be generated from the app when you open dashboard > tap on your device > scroll down and tap on Support info).
    2. Please add a link to this forum in the description of your ticket.
      Thank you!

  • @UI-AmpliFi
    I hate doing "me, too" posts, but we have an AmpliFi Alien that is about 4 months old (purchased directly from the AmpliFi store), and it's randomly rebooting itself now (started a couple weeks ago).

    Should I fill out that same form you linked? How do I most efficiently get the support info file from my phone to my desktop (where I'll be filling out the form)?
    [EDIT: I was able to save the support info file to my goog drive from my phone, so I can access it from my desktop no issues. Just want to make sure that form is still what I should fill out regarding my AmpliFi Alien issues (random / multiple reboots) ]


  • I've run into the same problem. I have 3 AmpliFi Aliens, and two of them are rebooting with varying frequency (one reboots about every 1.5 hours, the other reboots about every 45 minutes). The third Alien is able to stay up 24 hours a day without any problems. They all have roughly the same temperature readout. The two unhealthy Aliens are at 143F and 135F, while the healthy Alien is at 142F.

    I've contacted support, but they seem to want me to make one of the Aliens act as my Router, instead of leaving them all in Bridge mode. Doing that would be unacceptable for my network, since my Linux router box does a ton of important work where it's positioned in the network topology and I'd be unable to get work done without it where it is. I also don't know what such a test would prove. I would prefer if AmpliFi Support would actually look at the Support Info tarballs I already attached to the ticket instead of throwing darts and seeing what sticks.

  • Has there been a solution to this problem or is this a known issue? I'm having difficulties staying connected since my router decides to randomly power cycle whenever it feels like. I tried all the solutions in the forums that I've seen including changing power outlets, updating, using beta firmware and everything else (outside of opening it) but I've had 0 luck. Anyone have a solution that's worked for them?

  • @iRyanShin It seems like everyone has their own solution to this, so it's not really clear what the root cause is. In my case, I seemed to have worked around it by manually setting each AP's WiFi channel numbers instead of leaving them on "auto". I have no clue why that would help though, and the front line tech support from Ubiquiti was equally clueless. I'd bet if I moved the channel selections back to "auto", they would stay stable regardless, because I doubt it's the actual solution.

    This problem really sucks.

  • Hi,

    Been lurking a bit as I am contemplating on becoming an Alien owner, and been following this thread with interest as it seems that there is both a problem with the device rebooting spontaneously and having UBQ support give relevant feedback. Not exactly the best selling points to new customers. So I was just wondering, if everyone actually has found a solution to this and what UBQ have planned to fix this long term. My primary concern is that the problem is hardware related based on comments to fans. Anyways, really wanna press the order button but this is currently a deal breaker for me...

  • @kthuno I think it will depend on what your actual set up will be. I’ve seen none of these issues since installing my Alien. The only issue that I’ve had was a security camera that was dropping its WiFi connection daily when connected to the WiFi 6 5GHz band. This only occurred after an Alien software update. It may have been resolved by now but I have kept the camera connected to the additional 5 GHz network without any problems. It’s been mentioned here that some devices could have a problem with WiFi 6 networks.

    My guess is that those with fairly standard set ups will not experience any significant issues. WiFi calling and all other functions, other than that camera, have been flawless.

  • @John-Pappas, thanks for responding! I have a few cameras as well - two of them being fairly new but I read about others having issues with using the consolidated wlan - splitting it up seemed to help, so I was planning to do this also if I ran into problems.
    But it concerns me that UBQ might have shipped Aliens with faulty hardware ie. fans or sensors, which from the thread here, hasn't really been solved or commented on by UBQ support. Would be great with a follow-up that would state clearly if there's a hardware problem or not. So hopefully others will respond to the current status of the spontaneous reboot problem so potential new owners know what to expect.

  • @kthuno I have 2 Alien routers, configured as a mesh, and LOVE these units. I had one that needed to be replaced because of an issue related to the FAN causing the unit to reboot under load. I think like everything in 2020, COVID touched all manufacturing, Amplifi helped troubleshoot once I sent the Log files, and then replaced the unit.

  • @mamajek I can totally relate to the LOVE 🙂 Even though I have seen them only as images I just know that I have to own them - so it's a bummer that this issue is somewhat unresolved. If the manufacturing of some of the units have had issues then I think that UBQ should say this and let us now that it's being handled which would at least make me a bit more happy. I'm certainly glad to hear that you had a replacement unit sent to you without the same issue.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Wish I would have found this thread a few months ago! I was dealing with constant reboots, support tickets, then an RMA. Now, the replacement device is starting to randomly reboot. Hard to imagine the device is rebooting due to excessive load when I only have a Nest doorbell/camera connected to it.

  • Just want to add, I had my unit from around early march last year. This FEB mine started random rebooting. I initiated a ticket, tried a few things including factory reset and beta firmware. Nothing helped, they sent me a new unit after closing their RMA investigation. I will be keeping an eye on this thread to see if we ever find a reason.

  • I have my unit since May 2020, no problems until about 1 month ago when it started dropping devices (even wired devices disappeared from the device list) and today has rebooted twice randomly.

    I’ve contacted support, lets see what they say.

  • Hi @nhmerino - just don’t let the RMA window close for the region you are in (i.e. 1 year for the USA)

  • Thank you, im on top of it now, lets see what support says.

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