Random Rebooting

  • Had the Alien few months back, it was decent, returned it as it was too limited in settings and expensive. I was thinking to buy it again and keep it but all this firmware and shutdown scares me to try it again.

  • My replacement RaMP unit is now rebooting on its own. I've been in contact with support and they are asking me to unplug the ethernet devices from it and monitor to see if it reboots again. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of disabling my security system and home automation (nor should I have to if the device worked as it's supposed to). This unit was actually a replacement for the original one I bought and it will now be the THIRD Alien that needs to be replaced (the main unit crapped out months ago too).

  • Seems like my RMA unit has started random rebooting as well. Does anyone know , does the warranty apply 1 year from that date i got my RMA unit or is only my original purchase covered?

  • @Mike-Wilson What the heck is going on with these units? That makes two of us whose replacement units are now doing the same thing that the units they replaced did.

    I will say that the Amplfi support people are very friendly and very responsive. They just did an advance RMA for me (again). However, I would rather these things just worked.

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