Is There a Way to Change the 5 GHz (WiFi 6) Channel???

  • Just picked up the Alien router and I noticed in the settings via the app that they have an option to manually select/change the channel for the 2.4 band and the 5 (wifi 5) band - but nothing for the 5 (wifi 6 band).

    I've looked everywhere and I don't see an option to change it. the wifi 6 5GHz band is currently using channel 153, but that's crowded in my neighborhood and I want to change it to channel 161 but there's no where to do it on the app or through the web log-in.

    Loving the router thus far except for this omission. Can this please be addressed in the next firmware update?

  • @M-Latif Referenced in this post:

    This is a feature that is not yet available but will be released on a future update. Please check back for release notes and also join our beta program to be the first to test this feature.

  • This is the first thing I attempted to do on my brand new router running 3.4.0. Is there an expected release date for this capability? I have a neighbor that is generating a stronger AX signal than this router who lives above me. If I could just adjust my channel I think I'd be all set.

  • @awillcox This feature should be implemented soon,we do not have an exact release date yet.

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