Resetting statistic for Amplifi HD mesh router

  • Is there any way to reset statistics for amplifi HD router which is mesh router. I can reset the statistic for main router through app but there is no option for Mesh router.

  • @asif3307 The statistics are for the entire network. Just to clairfy, you have a HD router, and a stand alone HD router as a mesh point, where the screen on the primary router has cleared but the mesh point still shows the old statistics?

    -How is the router as a mesh point connected, wirelessly or ethernet backbone?
    -Are you using bridge mode or is AmpliFi the primary router?

    Tested- reseting the statistics on the app only clears the primary routers logs. The data being displayed on each RAMP (router as a mesh point) is specific to that location, where the primary router is the entire network logs.

    You can clear the statistics on the RAMP by power cycling the device. Simply unplug, and plug back in and the stats will be cleared.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @UI-Brett

    That’s correct I have standalone AmplifiHD router as a mesh point which is connected wireless to primaryAmplifi HD router.( acting as a Main router) the reset statistic clears only primary router stats but the mesh HD router still has old statistics and there is no way to reset.

    Unfortunately power cycling the device (RAMP) does not clear the stats.

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