High ping and low download speeds on Amplifi HD

  • Hi, I keep getting pings ut to 200ms and download speeds as low as 2Mbits when I should be getting 300Mbits.
    This is a new Aplifi HD device with mesh points, but im testing over a wired connection. I am on version 3.3.0

  • @Kasper-Kjelleberg
    Can you give a breakdown of your Topology please? Example: Modem/router combo> AmpliFi> Switch> Desktop
    What modem or modem/router are you using?
    Who is your ISP?
    What speed test service are you using, the in app test may be giving false results so we are recommending using a 3rd party test for the time being.
    Are you seeing this on just wired devices or wireless devices as well?


  • @UI-Brett Hi Brett, it goes from a modem to the Aplifi then straight to my computer.
    The modem we are using is well equipt for the speed, I bought the Amplifi mesh system yesterday to improve WiFi coverage and didn't have any problem with wired speeds before now.
    The ISP we are using is Telenor. And I am using Speedtest.net since the speedtest on the amplifi app failed...
    I am getting the same problem on both wired and wireless devices.

  • @Kasper-Kjelleberg Depending on what modem is being used, Bridge mode may be needed.
    Another setting that may be needed is Hardware NAT

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