Ad-blocker feature - impressions

  • @Gabriel-Ferreira You're clearly not getting it. I'm not "looking" for anything. Simply expressing my thoughts on the feature and how it is an annoyance to me. Also, it's called an "ad blocker", not a "tracking preventer". Removing the ad/tracking HTML code from browsing requests isn't going to speed up page loads because the code is so minimal. That just doesn't make any sense.

  • Its kills any access to google analytics (and some other google services) so I can't use it.

  • I didn’t know about this until a few days ago!
    Apparently, Ad blocker only shows up if “Bypass DNS cache” is disabled! I needed to enable it because I’ve been using pi-hole here!

    I am not sure if this is based on pi-hole but it uses all blacklists from default pi-hole lists. I also noticed my pi-hole doesn’t have to work that hard anymore!

    However, I wish:

    1. we could control it via iOS app.
    2. it would be nice if we could modify the blacklist! Until then, I still need my own pi-hole running.
    3. it works 100%.

    Based on my own testing, it also blocks Apple News ads which is great! The default pi-hole blacklist doesn’t do that so I had to add them myself. However, without my own pi-hole, they get blocked now.

    So, yes I leave it enabled. The only other issue is I cannot see on which devices certain ads / track-wares get blocked because as I said, “Bypass DNS cache” must be disabled!

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