Amplifi Alien Mesh Restock?

  • Hello,
    Are there any upcoming restocks of the Alien Mesh kit? Or are you experiencing delays getting stock due to the impacts of COVID? Just trying to determine if I hold out hope or jump on other brands to help with my in-home network woes with increased bandwidth needs. Thanks.

  • @phoenix423 Inventory will not be as predictable as we would like due to Covid-19, so the best way to know about inventory is to enroll in notifications on the AmpliFi Store

  • Thanks, Brett. Understanding that these are uncertain times, and that you probably are dealing with imperfect information, can you please advise whether you expect to receive any additional shipments within the next week? My buying urgency (and it seems the OP's) have increased in light of this new WFH world we live in.

  • @rajtre If I had that information, I would share it. but I learn about Alien shipments on average only 24 hours before they go live on the store, but that is also usually when the emails go out as well.

  • Thanks for the updates as you're able to give them. Bit the bullet and went with another brand for now and see how this one fares. @rajtre is spot on as for my immediate needs in this brave new world and having to share network capacity with increased clients. Hopefully this will come back in stock within the return period. Everyone be safe.

  • @UI-Brett I tried to subscribe to notifications but this isn't making sense to me. I see the radio button but there is no "submit" or "OK" button. I tried clicking the button but I would expect to receive an acknowledgement on email that Amplifi knows I am interested in the product. I don't get it.

  • @Monte-Montemayor When you login and mark the box for "Notify me via e-mail when this product is available" it turns blue. This will stay active until you select it again to turn it off. You do not get an email acknowledging that you are enrolled, sorry for the confusion about that.

    You will need to mark this for the specific Alien product you are searching for. The Alien stand alone router has a different email list than the Alien kit so please be sure to mark whichever one you are wanting, or both.

  • @UI-Brett Thank you - when I logged in just now I was blue. Speaking of being blue :), although I am disappointed in the backlog, I fully understand this is beyond your control. Today I went in search of a high-end 4K WebCam. They're not available. Then I decided to use my high-end DLSR camera as a WebCam but needed an HDMI capture card. Not available. We are not in Kansas anymore....

  • It looks like the lack of product availability has been a chronic issue. Sucks because I was really looking forward to getting this router. People are trying to price-gouge on the internet to sell them right now... Reminds me of scalpers selling show tickets. Pretty sad imho.

  • @Monte-Montemayor said in Amplifi Alien Mesh Restock?:

    We are not in Kansas anymore....

    No we are not! 😆

  • @markjohnsonii said in Amplifi Alien Mesh Restock?:

    "People are trying to price-gouge on the internet to sell them right now" Yes, we are seeing the laws of Supply and Demand at play here. Some times it greatly benefits the consumer (like cell phone plans) and sometimes it hurts, (AmpliFi Alien Routers).

  • @markjohnsonii Agreed 100%. eBay sellers posting images of 5 or 6 units selling them for over $500 each. Meanwhile, those of us wanting to buy and use the product are out of luck. Ubiquiti should be doing something about this.

  • @Monte-Montemayor Yeah? My analogy wasn't enough for ya? lol you had to go make another, albeit weaker, analogy? Cool.

  • @cdd543 I hear ya. They are losing a lot of sales because of a lack of product. I am about to go get the Orbi system because I need something within the next week or so and I have zero confidence Ubiquiti will have product.

  • @markjohnsonii Yep, I get it. I have the last gen Orbi. Pondering the same thing.

  • @markjohnsonii That's exactly the route I went with and picked up the Orbi RBK852 2-pack and it's been pretty solid. And I appreciate the satellite having 4 LAN ports. I hope Amplifi gets their supply chain in order in the future to get their well-reviewed products to the hands of their intended consumers, instead of the price gougers.

  • @phoenix423 yeah I mean just look at their website... I think it's analogous to their product supply issues. I had to make 2 accounts just to 1. purchase from the store and 2. to post on this forum, despite both of those being 'part' of their main website. If a company can't get their website in order, it's no surprise their supply chain is a mess too.

  • @phoenix423 I just picked up the Orbi RBK852 AX6000 system and installed it. It took 20 min and my network connection speed upstairs at my house when from ~80mbps to over 400mbps. Ping ms went down to under 10ms on previously tested ping locations. Overall this is solid and I couldn't be happier. My local Best Buy had it in stock and it was on sale for $599. Done and Done.

  • @markjohnsonii I definitely agree about the multiple accounts issue on the website. Strange thing is that I also ended up with more than one account because the Amplifi site wanted a different signup account than the Ubiquiti/Unifi site and then the community area needed a signup too. Strange.

    I’m considering the Linksys WiFi 6 (MX10) series - or at least trying it while we wait for the Alien. I love that the Linksys will be getting HomeKit for routers support but I think the speed/range/stability will be better on the Alien. Hard choices. But at least I could try the one and return if it doesn’t work well or the Alien becomes available.

  • Per reddit, it was in stock again for a few minutes today. Can anyone confirm? I didn’t get any notification.

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